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The Floriade World Horticultural Expo has been held in Holland since 1960. It is organised every ten years in a different location. Through the years it has been held in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Zoetermeer and in Venlo in 2012. The next Floriade will be organised in 2022 in Almere, the city where we are proud to live in.

You are invited to join us on our " Family Day" at the Floriade 2012 in Venlo. July 7th

The exposition's theme and slogan was"Be part of the theatre in nature; get closer to the quality of life"

Rabobank Pavilion was a half globe with a massive 20 metre diameter.

Visitors from all over the world were able to experience at first hand the influence of horticulture on our quality of life thanks to the imposing pavilions and fabulous gardens exhibited by the more than 100 national and international participants.

Inspiring, as Venlo GreenPark seamlessly blends into the centuries old, park-like surroundings which will retain their natural identity.

Innova is one of the landmark buildings in Venlo GreenPark and the identifying icon and access gate to Floriade 2012. After Floriade, The Innova Complex will be the physical and online community for innovation in Fresh & Food in Europe. In addition to an office building, The Complex will primarily be a source of ideas for the future of Fresh & Food in Europe. The architecture of the Innova Complex, combined with the business model, will be an invitation to people to meet, make discoveries and develop.

We visit most of the pavilions at Floriade 2012 in Venlo. They were very innovative and interactive.

Floriade definitely feels more educational than a traditional theme park. The world pavilions, designed by dozens of international participants taking part in the festival, give children and adults insight into the customs, heritage and food of other cultures.

The Landscape of the future. "Theatre of Nature"

Floriade is "the biggest garden party in the world". We learned and enjoyed all the activities.

Floriade 2012 took place on the grounds of Venlo GreenPark. It is the largest event of its kind in the Netherlands

"The gardens suggest how we might be more green..."-

Just a blushing wonder of nature
Still hoping to discover the secrets of the trees.

It tells me the gentle soundscape is ‘forest poetry;’ -“where the trees whisper and their roots seek deep into mother earth so that they might, at intervals, translate her power into sound.”

The Floriade as a school of nature
I’m learning a lot about the secret life of little bugs.
Friendly people at the Floriade that provides environmental education.
Green & living learning experience for the children
sustainability and environmental interactive practice
...this more than a huge entertainment park.

Live & experience the Nature

All in glorious colour…Flora exhibitions

..The gardens suggest how we might be more green..

The Spanish Pavilion in Floriade 2012 emerges from these conceptual approaches and gives continuity to the space through a formal gesture that unifies the whole of the available surface. Construction arises literally from the land, slightly lifted in order to host the interior spaces of the exhibition.

Latin America.

wonder of nature

World Show StageSustainability, innovation, logistics, knowledge transfer and market orientation are all aspects that are of vital importance for the welfare of our society, and that dictate the direction and the future of the green sector.

The innovative epicentre of Greenport Venlo where the very latest technology and trends are developed and applied.

Aqua Pavilion

The futuristic domes highlight the environmental costs of our food and water …

My Green World, the Dutch Pavilion

takes visitors on an inspiring journey of discovery through new developments and innovations. My Green World aims to demonstrate how advanced agricultural technology changes the word.World

The sustainable building is designed as a self-carrying shield made of wood with a form inspired by an opening seed.

The exhibits My Green Life, My Green Lab and My Green City are partially supported by games and animations to lend them a futuristic and sometimes experimental appeal. Here is a video of our experience at this exhibits.

….and our fondness for moving the outdoors indoors…

The Floriade is more than just a big bunch of flowers and plants put together. It is an extraordinary park in which the Dutch horticulture industry presents its latest trends and developments to the rest of the world.

Or that they can light up the dinner table with their natural florescence.

From Indoor to Outdoor. Inspire and impress - explore the Floriade on-trend range of furniture, home decor and statement pieces that can shape your indoor or outdoor ..

Sculptures by Sjer Jacobs. Three grassy faces sculpted from soil. Nature is still withholding her secrets.

Enjoy the Floriade

Above all, the Floriade is about enjoyment. Walk through fairy tale gardens and tropical greenhouses, and past lovely ponds and architectural wonders. The Floriade also devotes ample attention to art, theatre and music performances as well as culinary workshops.

The House of Taste - The Kids University for Cooking

In the pilot theater The Kids University for Cooking prepare children and cooks the most delicious snacks with fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.

sustainable greenhouses

The Innovation Cluster has a spot in the House of Tastes, a pavilion representing the fruits, vegetables and mushroom sectors. Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture has welcome the public to see its visual presentation and learn all about the five themes of its research: energy & climate, water & emissions, quality of crops and products, sustainable crop protection, and cultivation & production systems.

Through agricultural education, the Netherlands spreads and exchanges skills and knowledge. This section showcases the interaction between education and innovation in horticulture through display gardens and hands-on activities. The main focus is on the commercial horticulture industry, e.g. fruit, flower and vegetable production.

This display offers a comprehensive interactive education about the Dutch vegetable and fruit industry.

Topics range from water, sustainability, flowers, gardens and architecture to culinary delights. You will be amazed at just how dynamic the ‘green industry’ in Holland is!

The park consisted of five themed areas, separated by woodland. Each theme area had its own decor, program and activities. Relax & Heal - Green Engine - Education & Innovation - Environment.

Villa Flora, greenest building in the Netherlands, designed by Jón Kristinsson.

The Floriade Park covered a total of 66 hectares, including 22 hectares of forest, two and a half acres of buildings and four acres of water. Organizers of the festival planted 1,700 trees, 20,000 shrubs, 200,000 perennials, 65,000 water plants, one and a half million bulbs and 95,000 annuals. There were 60 charging stations for electric cars in the parking lot of the Floriade.

Floriade 2012 took place on the grounds of Venlo GreenPark. It is the largest event of its kind in the Netherlands

The Floriade contained two imposing buildings. The design was created between 2007 and 2010 and the first tree planting was in 2008. The same year also saw construction of the theme field, Relax & Heal, and a year later the shrubs were planted. In 2010, the perennials were placed and planted borders. The last theme field Green Engine was built.

The "Innovation Tower", Floriade entrance

A 1,100 meter-long cable car system running through the park opened on April 16, 2011.

It's late... it's time to go back home... to Almere!

We hope you enjoyed my presentation.

The next Floriade will be held in 2022 in Almere. Until then!
Photos by lyla Carrillo - van der Kaaden www.101studio.nl l

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