Good life tour of the Harn Irazu guinan

Photograph: Irazu Guinan. Painting: "Florida Landscape" by William Morris Hunt

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: With the thousands of landscape portraits one runs into in museums or hotels or any other place that portrays paintings of landscapes, this portrait caught my attention. Although you can't see the detailed work, the portrait spoke out more than it is shown. The painter, William Hunt called his work "Florida Landscape." This portrait was so striking to me because it is no ordinary portrait, this painting describes Florida's beauty in a way that we are not all able to see in person. Hunt, helps picture the beauty of Florida, it's culture and beautiful nature, which is why it is so meaningful to me. It helped me understand that there is more to Florida than the corners in which I surround myself by, it helped me understand that I should explore more of Florida. This art work made me feel very proud about the state I live in and the glorious beauty it brings to the eyes of the beholder.

Photograph: Harn Museum

Design of the Museum: The Harn Museum has it's own nature and beauty within the museum. All aspects of the museum have it's own astonishing sites, but out of all corners/wings of the museum, the center (towards the back) of the museum spoke volumes to me. Even on a cloudy day that part of the museum showed the extensive architecture and the beautiful plants and nature that reside by the museum. What makes this part of the museum so astonishing is the space and content it has and is surrounded by. As you can see in the photograph, there is a lot of space that holds interesting artifacts within. While the visitor is experiencing the history or culture that the museum holds, they can also be intrigued by the nature that is present due to the lighting the windows provide. This part of the exhibit led me to feel warm and peaceful because of the amount of light coming through the large windows and the beautiful plants and trees that cause a dramatic effect.

Painting by: Nickolas Murray. "Frida painting the two Fridas"

Art and Core Values: A core value that I have grown to understand and better yet improve of, is self love. Self love is a type of belonging and emotion one carries within and should have in order to feel in control of oneself throughout life. This painting appeals to self love because Frida, which is the woman in the painting, represents a strong and beautiful woman throughout history. In this painting Frida is photographed painting two images of herself, and to me this represents that she knows her beauty and appreciates it. The artist helps us understand this core value of self love by capturing a moment in which Frida shows that self love she has towards herself. This brings an emotion of happiness to know that it's important for people to understand how important self love is. This painting helps me better understand the self love value I carry because it reminds me of the importance and about the fact that sometimes its necessary to have a moment within and feel appreciated for your own self.

Artifact of Buddha made by an artist by the name of Kerea

Art and the Good Life: The Buddha, an important figure to millions, is known for its religion in which many follow, Buddhism. The reason I chose this artifact to represent the good life is because Buddha is known to be a man that found "Nirvana" and within his teachings, Buddhism, other people can find the enlightenment. The good life is depicted in this artifact because of the presence the Buddha is in, sitting and yet with a peaceful and satisfactory emotion. Buddha represents a life that brings peace and enlightenment which is the way one can reach the good life. This adds to my understanding of the good life because if millions believe they have found enlightenment by following the rituals of a man then it's evident that reaching Nirvana is needed. Buddha also brings attention to the spiritual level which is ways, people follow and even prefer.

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irazu guinan


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