A New Look Due to the coronavirus during the 2020-2021 school year SHS had to make serious changes to places like the cafeteria, office and classrooms.

On Sept. 1, M-Z students walk to their class during a passing period.


Lunch tables now have an "X" on them to indicate where students sit. Students now sit with their classes during lunch.
Principal Brian Knight wears a mask while on his computer during lunch. Administrators and students are now required to wear a mask when they are not eating or drinking.
This year, lunch ladies wash trays as students drop them off after eating. This allows for more places for students to drop trays off, away from other students.
Assistant principal Chris Finkhouse releases students to take up their trash.


The office now has tubs for parents to drop off students' thing for cleaning. This is to ensure that the people in the office touch less things that come in and out of the building.
Front office secretary Krista Perry now communicates with people through the door bell so fewer people come into the school.
Student workers in the office are now scanning IDs when a student leaves or arrives late. This is a quicker and safer way for students to interact with office staff.


English teacher Heather Todero gives her students instructions before giving them the rest of the time to work.
Students and teachers have to wipe down desks and equipment used in the class for safer contact.
Science teacher Amanda Schnepp has cut outs of scientists to mark the seats students can't sit in. Students can no longer sit next to each other.

Office and classroom photos by: Kelsey Jones, Editor

Cafeteria photos by: Emma Main, Reporter