Baby snow leopards!!! BY MIA

They don't open their eyes till there are 7 days old.

Most stray snow leopards are born in June or July.

They might be cute as a baby but they are very vicious and the older ones are very vicious and not as cute.

This might look cute but I think they're getting ready to attack.

Cubs live with there parents until they are 2 hole years old

The scientific name for a snow leopards is Uncia Uncia.

There belly fur is 5 inches thick.

you can see its belly fur

China has 60% of the snow leopards.

Cute pictures

There're 1 of the most beautiful animals in the world.

beautiful isn't it ???

They are smaller than most of the other big animals - they are mostly 30-55 kg -.

They are found in the Himalayas


They are mainly carnivores and mainly eat sheep, goat, Siberian ibex and viral sheep.

They are part of the cat family

They stand as tall as 2 meters

Their tail is almost as long as their body.

Their tail is curled up

I hope you enjoyed and thank you for listening!!!


: )


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