Peace Laura Carr

The King and I rule the country. All of the people are content with our ruling because we make sure that it is mostly peaceful. If you break the law like fighting in public, or breaking/ stealing from people then you will be imprisoned.
The money system is the same as Americas. There are trusted people appointed to run the money and who deal with the people. Families can be as big or as little as the people want as long as the children are being taken care of well.
You are allowed to follow and practice andy religion you chose to follow as long as there is no hate or fighting about people being different than you. You have the freedom to express your religion without open hate.
Depending on your job, depends on what scale of the social structure you are. (Upper, Middle, Lower) If you have a well paying job then you can buy a house and any resources needed to have your family. If you are on the lower class and can't afford a home and resources then you will be provided a home with several other struggling people. You will be provided three meals a day and a warm place to sleep in.
There are festivals every month or so to express the different cultures. Music, movies, shows, and theatrical shows are provided so people can express their culture and feelings.
Flag of Peace
There is a military that anyone and everyone can join if they chose. They are trained to protect and keep the peace. The military is also the police force.
People can be put in prison if they go against the law. If they disturb the peace by breaking into a building or home to steal things, if they go after or attack a person no matter if it's because of their culture or religion being different they can be thrown in prison. If they kill a person or go against the law so much they may be executed after fair evaluation.
Anyone can have a pet and there can be as many pets as there are people living in the house to ensure that they are being taken care of. You must take your pets to the Vet so they are vaccinated because you don't want the threat of rabies going around the town.
Families can be as big or as little as the people want as long as the children are being taken care of well. If you aren't taking care of your family and your children have to be taken away, they will be put into a home until you can get your life back together and if you aren't allowed to get them back then they will be put with a family that can take care of them.
All of the houses are different depending on your family size. You will get a bigger house when your family out grows the one you're currently in.


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