Introducing RASA's Online Learning Experience

Interactive sessions of Dance, Drama, Music, Storytelling, and Art & Crafts with our facilitators

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Director Trustee Dr. Ambika Kameshwar speaks about this initiative and RASA's experience in empowering the differently-abled, young adults and children with special needs through the theatre arts experience!

What is joyful learning? | From The Director's Desk

Joyful learning is that in which the process itself is completely fulfilling in every way

There is self-actualization at every point in the process. It is not about learning something to achieve an end result or goal but is about enjoying the process of learning. This ensures that the learning happens spontaneously and positively from within oneself

While the inputs could be external, the learning actually is received from within and made into a beautiful experience that stays with the individual for life. In that ‘learning’ moment there is a complete transformation that happens within us and remains with us forever

Joyful learning fosters inner empowerment that is most beautiful. Such is its nature.

So let us all learn joyfully, making the learning itself the end result.

Let us make joy our own because that is our true nature.

~ by Dr. Ambika Kameshwar

RASA Web Channel

Thank YOU for MY Art, an opportunity to express your gratitude towards your inspiration, the people you who made you who you are today and dedicate a performance with a piece of your Art to them!

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RASA's Activity Guide

During this #lockdown we would like to extend our support and start by sharing a set of activities we have practicing with you to help keep your children or family engaged.


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