William Holt Williamsburg journal By Vidhatrie Keetha



Clay Pot

This is a pot, made of clay. It was used by the Powhatans to cook food or boil water over hot coals or fire.

Outdoor exhibit

Barrel Simple Machine (pulley) and Compound Machine

This is an exhibit showing the difference between using a simple machine, a pulley, versus a compound machine to pull up two barrels of the same weight. It shows that using the compound machine makes it easier to pull up the barrel, and the simple machine takes a little more effort to lift it up. So, the compound machine used here would be used to lift up heavy barrels rather than the pulley simple machine.

Colonial Williamsburg

Life inside a home--the peyton randolph house

The Peyton Randolph House

This is the Peyton Randolph House, owned by Peyton Randolph. I would visit him because he is in politics as a Patriot, like me, and is of the gentry social rank, as I am. I associate with people like those since I am the mayor of Williamsburg, as well as a justice and merchant.

Dining Room

This is the Dining Room of the Peyton Randolph House. It is where I would dine when I would visit Peyton Randolph and talk about politics with him and the other visitors. There are dishes and silverware, a fireplace, and a dining table with chairs.

Storage Room

My favorite place is the storage room, shown above, which possesses valuables collected by the Randolphs. This is my favorite place because I am a merchant and am interested in any valuable that can be sold with good profit. After some time you have an eye for these things and build a habitual interest for them.

Commerce and business--Wig Shop

Barber and Peroke Maker

This is the barber and peroke maker, a wig shop, where wigs are custom made for the buyer. I would buy wigs from here, as I am gentry class, but not too often as I don't need too many wigs and they are expensive.


To get a wig, I would either have to get my hair cut bald and have them make an exact wig for me, using the natural shape of my head as a model for the wig makers. If not, I'd have to just get a standard one, made with a normal sized model. In this picture, there are wigs on models and one is in the process of being made.


I remember seeing the inside of the shop for the first time. I remember that I noticed that only the men's wigs have braids at the end, or a bow somewhere on it, and the women's have curls and decorative items on top. Also that there seems to be less of the more expensive wigs on display.

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