The Harn Museum By: Brooke madden

Photo of Brooke Madden taken by Boni Trinter on 2/2/17

Medium of the Art/ Technique of Artist

This piece happened to be my favorite painting when I went to the Harn Museum. What's ironic, is that it was the first panting I saw when I went to the museum. This piece was so striking to me because of the way the artist was able to paint the different shades to almost look like a spine. I love the vibrant colors and the dimension that the painting is consumed with. This piece stuck out to me so much because of the simplicity in it as well as intricate. It looks so simple and like there isn't much to it, but you can tell the artist had an underlying meaning behind this painting. This painting puts me in awe and makes me feel like things can be so simple yet so complicated at the same time.

Photo of Brooke Madden taken by Boni Trinter on 2/2/17.

Design of the Museum

The Asain Art Wing was by far my favorite area and wing of the entire museum. This room is almost completely wooden and the amount of open space is amazing. Not only does this wing have a natural sense to it, but what ads to this is the enormous open windows that are presents at the other side of the room. The lighting the huge open windows present makes the room even more beautiful and bright. I also love how much open space is given in the room and how the art pieces that are presented in there are very large and easy to depict. This room is by far my favorite room in the museum because it is the most spacious, natural, and beautiful.

Photo of Brooke Madden taken by Boni Trinter on 2/2/17

Art and Core Values

This piece of art represents one of my main core values of being optimistic in many ways. In this photo, these women clearly seem to be struggling, but I see it as a sense of hope and positivity. Even though they seem to be down and depressed in this photo, theres a sense of hope from that. When you hit rock bottom, all you can do is go up from there and I feel as though this photo represents that optimistic and positive attitude very well.

Photo of Brooke Madden taken by Boni Trinter on 2/2/17.

Art and the Good Life

I chose this piece of art to represent the good life because it stood out to me in a way of beauty but also pain. To achieve the good life you must go through hardships to get the beautiful end result. In this photo, theres a girl who's holding a flower. Much like in life, the flower can be sweet and beautiful, but could also die very quickly. I think this accurately represents life in a sense of beauty and truth. This picture gave me a major sense of appreciation because it tells the truth of beauty but pain that often comes with owning the good life. Often there are times you will have to give up something, in order to obtain something else, and I think this picture displays that perfectly in every way possible

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