TV Production Unit Athulram Rajagopal

Below are my notes in class from this unit. This is just most of what I have learnt.

Attached on the button below is my analysis on TV "make" of Coffee Filter Trees.

The Correlation Between Developing Technology and how this is used by "The Big Bang Theory" to communicate and market to its audience.

Research on my TV Production Role

This is research on my TV Production role.

My Application Letter

This is my job application for becoming a Floor Manager , luckily I got the job that I wanted which was wonderful , it was a great experience and I think that I can write these letters very well now as I succeeded in getting my role.

Evidence of Production Documentation

This is evidence of the floor plan that I had designed for the day of our filming of the production.
For my role, I had to work out the safety issues so that we could make sure that the production could run smoothly. Here is a list of them.
This was pretty much our Equipment checklist, it all went well as we were well organised and no one forgot to bring anything.

Rehearsal Footage of Me

The rehearsal footage below shows my work or what I did as a floor manager on the day.

Footage of Final Production

Distribution Posibilities

How did we ensure that our programme appealed towards our audience ?

Our programme intended to appeal to an audience of children basically, as our product is pretty childish and could be fun to play around with. The style of language that our presenter was talking in was very simple, this was because we intended to pass on the information in the simplest way we could. We realised from looking at other programmes targeted at kids were that the vocabulary was very simple and straight forward. Obviously because their literacy is naturally not as fluent. So we made sure that the presenter spoke confidently, slowly and by being very friendly.

On the visuality of our graphic display, our company or brand was called "WIERD Science". We called it "Wierd" with a hope that kids would remember the name of this as it is spelt wrong and sounds pretty funny, at least for a kid. This was to ensure that the name wouldn't go out of their heads making it easier for them to associate with the show.

Here is pretty much the name of a brand that our video could have been made from.

Final Evaluative Production Report

In general, this unit has taught me a lot theoretically and by being analytical. Although it has also given me a great experience of how a programme could be run. Being a floor manager gave me a pretty good experience, I don't think I had much trouble with my job as I could say I was well prepared, not just me but the whole group was. Since we were all very well prepared, it made the day of production run a lot smoother than we had ever imagined. I remember asking a lot of friends anxiously about how the whole experience was (the ones who filmed on days before me) . This unit has given me a lot of experience and has also challenged me when looking at analysis. I really do hope that it has come out well.

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