Pokeballs Created by: Matthew liter

The design of the pokeball

The pokeball, it is what every trainer needs to catch a Pokémon. Everybody knows how it can catch a Pokémon to train, trade, battle with, evolve and best of all, that Pokémon will be your best friend.

The inside of a pokeball

First, catching the Pokémon is not easier than you think. First you have to weaken the Pokémon with one of your own. Then throw the pokeball and when the open button hits the Pokémon, the sensors reacts to suck up that Pokémon. Remember, the Pokémon will try to break out. If it doesn’t escape, it’s all yours to train.

Then, releasing, releasing the Pokémon signals the Pokémon of to get ready to come out. First, you press the pokeballs’ open button to increase size in your palms. Then, you throw the pokeball to the ground making it open. Once the pokeball opens it is ready for you to do whatever.

Lastly, if you catch a Pokémon, it will be loyal to only you. You have captured the Pokémon so they know you have captured it and you will be able to use it to any situation.

Created By
Matthew Liter

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