WW1 Gas Mask, By Luz28, is licensed under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

During WW1 to protect themselves from harmful chemicals and gases they would wear gas masks. The gas mask was developed over time because before this they used cloths soaked in urine to protect them from the harmful gases and chemicals. Breathing in any of this was not good for you, and even people around the war that were not in it were also forced to wear them, like children (Apocalypse WWI).

Medical Kit

U.S Merchant Marine First Aid Kit by Daderot is licensed under Public Domain.

The medical kit used in WW1 was very important because if a solider had an injury they were able to do something to keep it somewhat sanitary. If they had a small injury they would be able to use some of the stuff in the kit to patch it up. If the wound was larger it may have been harder to keep clean and it may not heal as quickly (Jones).

Steel Helmet

German helmet and frontal armored plate for trench warfare by PHGCOM licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

The steel helmet was used during WW1 by the soldiers to protect them from bullets and anything that would be thrown or shot at their heads. The impact may still have harmed the solider, but their head was more protected with the helmet. The amount of head injuries deceased with the use of the steel helmet (Watanabe).


Pripadniki 17. pešpolka na Soški fronti.jpg by unknown licenced by Public Domain

Camouflage was used in WW1 to keep soldiers from being seen. They used it as a way to plan sneak attacks or just to hide from the enemy. Camouflage was also used when trying to cross a field near an enemy, do you were hard to spot(Brosnan).

Entrenching tool

MPL-50.jpg by One half 3544 licenced by Public domain

The entrenching tool was used during WW1 to dig the trenches. They were good for digging through the soil and rocks. These were similar to shovels, but had a pointed tip to go through the ground better(Brosnan).

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Title slide citation: Royal Irish Rifles ration party Somme July, By Royal Engineers, is licenced by Public Domain

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