Fight Against Hunger Studio 701

The Fight Against Hunger Club had its first meal packing event of the school year on November 11, 2018. It was a huge success with over 200 people that came out to help feed those in need around the world. The Fight Against Hunger Club is represented across many Poway Unified Campuses with the main goal of bringing awareness to the issue of hunger and to provide practical ways for our community to offer relief.

The event kicked off with an introductory speech that left all inspired and wanting to help those that need it.
The meal packing stations consisted of non-perishable ingredients to comprise a healthy meal. One station took care of the packing while another weighed, sealed, and boxed. Volunteers split up in teams to man each station. The most efficient method was to use a conveyor belt type of process which sped up the process exponentially.
The volunteers were hard at work all with one goal in mind: to pack 50,000 meals.
Contests were held against local firefighters and sheriffs deputies which resulted in a fierce battle to the end. The firefighters edged out their competition, with more meals packed in ten minutes.
Studio 701 interns use multiple cameras in order to capture the entirety of the event.
Intern Zach Camerino served in the role of reporter, conducting interviews and covering the event.

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