2019 Gift of Art December 4 - December 21

Here is a sampling of the many fine paintings on view for the 2019 Gift of Art Exhibition. Give us a call at 401.751.2626 for more information or stop by for a visit - we are open Wednesday - Saturday from 10 - 4 and always by appointment.

There are many paintings on exhibit here are 26 works of art. The sizes vary from 4 foot to 4 inches. Prices range across all budgets. The artists in the photo grid from left to right are: Sherman, Peers, unknown, Kotz, Cirino, Baxter, Mays, Frazier, Peers, Hays, Winter, Devoll, Devoll, Winter, Winter, Winter, Seaby, Dyer, Dyer, Whitaker, Townley, Whitaker, Robinson, School of Mathew Prior, Stokes & Hays.