My Mom's adversity By Jeff Polis

Adversity To me means the struggles and obstacles that you face in life and how you can deal with them and keep going.

The person I am interviewing is my mother. Her full name is Carrie Polis. She is a mom sister and daughter. I know this person because she is my mom. I am interviewing her because she had much perseverance and made good out of her self when she came from almost nothing. She is the only person out of her whole family to get a collage degree. She even has a master degree for teaching!! She works hard everyday for My sister and I. She even helps tutor a girl with cancer 2 times a week. My mom has impacted that girl's life. She is one of the strongest people I know. People who come from her situation usually do not make it as far as my mom did.

My Mother was born in Ansoina, Connecticut on April 7, 1980. She grew up in Ansoina her whole life in Ansonia until she moved with me to Derby when I was 5. She moved around Ansoina a lot as a kid. Her parents were split so her, her sisters and her brother were constantly going from house to house. She met my dad in high school and they were together for there whole high school. After they finished high school my mom went to collage and my dad worked. I was born a few years after my parents got out of high school on September 27 2003.

My mothers family is Her mother who passed away, her dad, her 2 sisters,and her brother. She had her parents but they were split up. By the time I was born my grandmother (her mom) was living in New York with her new husband. She used to visit my cousins and me a lot until she passed away. Her dad lives downstairs from my aunt uncle and my cousins in there apartment located in Ansonia. Her brother and other sister also live in Ansoina in apartments near each other.

Her parents were split up but they were always good parents. She was always with them and they would have good times. Her dad would bring her to the mall, bowling all that fun stuff. Her mother did a lot of stuff with there family. My mom said growing up with them was enjoyable.

My mom married My dad in October 7th 2004, a year after I was born.

I was sick at my parents wedding and I had to leave early!!

Yes my Mother has Kids. She had Me on September 27th 2003 and My sister December 16th 2010. A fun fact is that I played Santa in a play the day my sister was born and my mother was worried that I would not have what I need! The doctors had to give her a pill to calm down!!

This person is most known for being a amazing mom and a good friend who will always be there for anyone who needs it. To me she is known as someone I can talk to about anything, The best Mom, Someone Who always says the right things to get me focused and back on track and finally someone who I would do anything for. Many people talk to her when they are feeling upset. She helps many of her friends and her family members to make them feel good and get past there problems easier. She is very caring and cares for everyone. She is very passionate about My grades behavior and Sports. She tells me if I do something I always have to put 100% into it.

Obstacles she has faced were her mothers death. The situation with her mother dying was very hard. It brought the family across. No one expected it and no one was prepared for it to happen. It shook the family and it was unexpected. My mom and her sisters drove all the way to New York to see her one last time. She died from smoking. Her lungs were bad from all the Years of smoking. It was hard for my Mom and Her sisters because they never really experienced anything like this before. This also tore up the family because my Moms brother sort of separated him self from everyone.

She overcame Her mothers death by coming closer to her family and appreciating all the blessings she has. She practiced everything she had greatly. She took advantage of the stuff she has and know she takes the little things and appreciates them and see all the value. She also has gotten closer to her family after that.

I learned the lesson perseverance. I learned that my mother is a very strong person who can get through anything. She workered hard her whole life and she is doing great. I also learned she is very caring. She cares enough for my sister and I to not want us to grow up as bad as she did.

I feel appreciative for her a lot.I learned a lot about her lie and all of the things she did for me and my sister.


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