Plant Wisdom Everyday Spiritual Practices with the most common essential oils

"I’m so in love with this book! I love the journey you take us on with every oil. They tell their own story, I feel like I’m on the journey with you while reading it. The information and understanding of the oils is priceless. I will definitely talk to and use my oils differently now.. I love the book!! Amazing!!" - Stephanie Willis

Plant Wisdom

For The Soul

A book for essential oil users or enthusiasts who are ready to expand their mind of what their oils can do for them.

Enter the spiritual realm of the Plant Kingdom.

This book is for you, if you have been craving information about the spiritual aspects of our essential oils. If you have been wanting to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Plants. You will hear the deep supporting love that these Plants have for us as well as the wisdom these Allies are eager to share. Uncover new exciting ways to use your most common essential oils.

Go on a journey with me to meet the spirits of Lavender, Frankincense, Melaleuca and more. Open up to a new relationship with these Plant spirits. Feel uplifted as you read these pages. Go on vivid travels to meet each one personally! Each page has thought provoking questions and many Living Ritual Daily practices to pivot you from routine to ritual. Receive a blessing at the start of each chapter, so that you feel open and inspired to flourish.

From the book :

"While Lavender is the foundation of the medicine pouch and is used in many ways, it has been forgotten for one crucial ability. This Plant accesses and opens the Blessing Fields, connecting us to the Angelic realms. It illuminates and activates the crystal light within our own Heart so we can more easily send blessings to our sisters and brothers."

Lavender : The Oil of Blessings

"I started reading your book this morning and it was so cool as I was reading about lavender I could smell it all around me. The wisdom you share is transformational! I feel so inspired!! You have infused your book with powerful energy!" - Hanna

What's In The Book?

This book is practical as much as it is magical. My intention is to share with you the brilliant messages of The Plants as well as a simple healing from reading the words of these wise ones.

From the first time I picked up an essential oil book talking about the emotional aspects of the oils I craved more positive language and a deeper understanding. I felt the loving powerful energy of the oils and yet the wording and style of these books did not reflect my relationship with the oils. I wanted something more - more powerful, more beautiful, more meaningful. I wanted to feel, know and hear the brilliance of these Plants.

I waited for someone to step forward and write of their beauty, their love and their healing. Then I realized that Who I was waiting for... was me.

This is my gift. Meet these radiant Plant Allies that are here to ring a gong, to wake us up, so that we may rise. Through loving, high-vibrational words and visuals of power, beauty and light - This book offers the healing hearts of the Plants. It is potently imbued with my their magic and their love for each one of you!

“Amber Jane is not only a modern day Medicine Woman, she’s an incredibly gifted author. She has a brilliant talent for understanding and teaching the healing power of plants, and sharing in a way that is relatable and easily understood. You’ll use this book as a resource for your own healing, body, mind, and soul for many years to come.” -Rachel O'Rourke

Lemon : The Oil of Unity

From the book :

"Peppermint is your North Star, brightly illuminating your way. This Plant points you in the right direction, and unravels what is tied up and needs to be freed. By helping connect you to your Guides, it helps navigate the way for your greatest self to emerge."

Peppermint : The Oil of Healing

Breathing Blend : The Oil of Receiving

Soothing Blend : The Oil of Hope

About the Author

I was a new mom with a 6 month old and new essential oils in my life, when I first heard the oils. They were all lined up on my mantel in the living room. As the morning light flowed in through the window I heard them sing to me.

It was love at first sight. The Plant oils connected me back to a lost part of myself. Reuniting me to my spiritual roots and inspired daily ritual. I believe deeply in plant medicine. I trust them. I know them. I hear them. And now I talk with them.

For seven years I have been studying and using the Plants for the body, mind, emotions and spiritual aspects of the essential oils. The singing has grown from intuitive taps on my shoulder when I would be sitting with a friend, to voices that are now an active part of my healing practice. I live in Portland Oregon and work in my healing studio at our house right next to two majestic Redwood trees.

I have always adored nature and felt its aliveness. Now with my intention to ask questions and learn from the intelligent spirits of the plants, nature is talking back. I wrote about what they revealed to me, their truth and wisdom I am sure will resonate in your heart. They say they are here to help, they have always been. Along the way we have forgotten how to fold them into the conversation and into daily life. They crave, just as much as we do, to be in partnership once again. They have been waiting for such a time as this.

In the process of writing this book, I had to deepen my trust in myself, heal parts of me that longed for courage and bravery. I had to step into my power and give myself permission to become the messenger the Plants are asking me to be. This Wisdom of the Plants is our gift to you so that you can do the same!

The time is now. There is no more waiting. The ascension of the planet is in process and so are we.

Protective Blend : The Oil of a Legion of Kings

"Through her beautifully channeled messages in Plant – A Spiritual Guide, Amber Jane shows us a path to connect to the Plant Kingdom and to who we are at this very moment. We travel with her on her vivid journeys and "see" what gifts are waiting there for us. I appreciate the simplicity of the Living Rituals: such practical ways to create daily ceremonies that guide us to our hearts, our inner senses, and our power to heal. As I read the questions posed in each chapter, immediately the answers began rising up from within me. What a gift this book is, arriving at the perfect time to assist humanity to the truth of who we are. These benevolent messages are a celebration of our creative life as human beings. Thank you, Amber Jane!” -Tracy McFarland

Frankincense : The Oil of Source


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