Florida Museum of Natural History By: Colt ridgeway


Nature on Display

The exhibit that I found particularly interesting was the exhibit on what it was like to be in the estuary at the size of the organisms in it. You walk through a room with giant crabs, fish and plant life that would normally be very small in comparison to your own body size. The exhibit captured my attention because it was a very creative and unique way of looking at the creatures and the environment I have seen plenty of times. By being immersed into the environment with all the animals and life forms that live in it, you really get a gasp of how diverse and cooperative the entire ecosystem is. I have never been so up close and personal with the animals and seeing how something much smaller than a crap would see the world, you get a whole new understanding of just how beautiful and exotic the creatures that live in the water are. This was truly a fantastic way to look at the ecosystem and though a very visually appealing way.

Nature and Ethics

I believe that I was able to gain a huge insight into the actual beauty of nature that has been untouched by man. This visit to the museum showed me many ways in which nature has changed throughout time and i saw displays and exhibits that really demonstrated the beauty in nature throughout time. One theme besides the beauty I recognized was the absolutely massive scale of some of the organisms. The different elephants, sloths, and other animals that had their skeletons or jaws on display ave me a chance to actually appreciate how huge some of this animals were. The people I saw walking around the museum seemed to be extremely interested in everything they were seeing and they immediately went to read what the display was showing. This is important because it shows an actual interest for people to gain knowledge about what they are looking at so they can appreciate it for what it is and the significance of each exhibit. With this genuine interest in the animals and other organisms on display, people may want to take more time to try and preserve nature and help save the environment any way they can. The displays and the exhibits allowed visitors to dive into the wold that they are entering and they get a full understanding of everything they are seeing. The butterflies, for example, were in their own environment and each visitor had the opportunity to go and experience in something that is similar to their natural habitat. Visitors of the museum then get a grasp of the beauty of nature and that will instill the need in them to want to help preserve our world.

Nature and Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum allows us to step out of our normal lives for a small time and immerse ourselves in an entirely alien world to us. We can walk though an estuary and imagine we are a baby fish, then see the enormous jaws of a Megalodon, and then discover the lives of the native people of south Florida, and walk through their hut and meet their chief. All these exhibits allow us to forget about what we were doing before and what we have planned for later and we can just enjoy the moment and maybe learn a little about something we've heard about but never fully engaged with. Visiting the museum we get the chance to look at how the wold has changed and how we have impacted it, as well as how it is still magnificent in many ways that we need to learn to appreciate. We can look within ourselves to see what about nature captures our attention, and we can make the decision to act on this interest and learn more or just enjoy the exhibit and be content with that. The knowledge that can be gained and the experience that can be had is like no other and it is something that will stick with someone who visits for a long time.

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