Erica and Vince FLWR Proposal


At the end of the aisle will be three panels of boxwood to obscure the memorial. Unlike in this photo, the three panels will all be the same height. Having three panels makes the design look more purposeful rather than being an obvious tactic for obscuring the memorial wall.

Ignore the green urn and boxwood ball.

I think it may be nice to add in a couple of larger arrangements here to soften the look of the boxwood panels. Something utilizing branches. Or something similar to the look below, which I think would be truly amazing! especially with the city view behind it!

Ceremony estimate: $1,500 - $2,500


Table Arrangements

Tall gold stands with gorgeous florals will create visual interest across the large open room while not obstructing guests views across the table. It may be nice to have half the arrangements tall and half low.

I think bringing the dusty blue in with linens rather than in the flowers themselves would be ideal. If CMHOF doesn't have suitable linens I would be happy to price some out for you from a different supplier.

A pergola over the Sweetheart table would create a lovely intimate space. Arrangements would dot the length of the table with greenery and pops of flowers winding through the pergola.

We can include either hanging candles or if that's an issue we can string mini twinkle lights throughout the greenery.

Color Inspiration

The colors would span from ivory to rust, featuring some autumnal oranges, and silvery greens to play up the dusty blue of the linens. I would love to incorporate some autumn fruits with yellow/orange/brown hues, such as Bosc pears and pomegranate and persimmons.

The blue is mostly brought in with the linens and echoed in the flowers in the form of silvery greens such as dusty miller and brunia.

Reception estimate: $ 6,000.


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