World War 3 Donald trump vs. vladimir putin

What are the chances of nuclear war happening?

The chances are high because Russia has been very aggressive in other Eastern European countries. In fact, according to Richard Shirreff, a senior British army officer who served as deputy supreme allied commander, stated, “If Russia puts one soldier across the borders of the Baltic States, that means America is at war,” Shirreff said. “And, of course, as I said earlier, potentially nuclear war as well.” In the event of conflict putin would be the one initiating it for multiple reasons, including operating illegal weapons . Alex lockie, an Associate News Editor and a military/defense blogger at Business Insider stated “Officials say the missiles violate the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, or INF, because they have a range of 620 to 3,420 miles and fire from ground-based launchers, enabling Russia to hit European capitals from its homeland.” Putin owns missile launchers that have the capability of reaching european capitals this very moment. Russia is in possession of these weapons being aware that it violates the INF, but regardless has gone ahead and done this.

Was Trump already in cahoots with Putin?

Donald trump's recent actions towards Putin has shown that he is in cahoots with him. General Flynn who was the 18th director of the defence intelligence, and the national security adviser to President Donald Trump allegedly lied about the conversation he had to the Russian ambassador, putting himself as well as the United states at risk. John mccain who is a currently serving as the senior United states senator stated to an abc reporter “General Flynn’s resignation also raises further questions about the Trump administration’s intentions toward Vladimir Putin’s Russia, including statements by the President suggesting moral equivalence between the United States and Russia despite its invasion of Ukraine, annexation of Crimea, threats to our NATO allies, and attempted interference in American elections.” This shows that Donald Trump's questionable relations with Vladimir Putin could lead someone to believe that they truly are in cahoots. According to an article written by Bryan Schatz Donald Trump has praised Vladimir 23 times, and some of these praises happening right before or after Putin has done something that go against western european morals. This shows that Trump has been positively representing Putin despite the things he is known for doing.

Is Russia practicing nation wide nuclear evacuation because he believes a nuclear war actually will end up happening?

Russia has been practicing nation wide nuclear evacuation because they believe a nuclear war could possibly happen. according to Tyler Durden, a writer for zero hedge news “The fact that among the measures tasked for the civil defense team will be a response to ‘disasters and fires" as well as the rehearsal of "radiation, chemical and biological protection’, makes it clear that Russia is about to hold its biggest nuclear war drill since perhaps the end of the Cold War.” This shows that last time something like this was executed it was in the face of near nuclear warfare, and now doing it again in the same circumstances. According to Gareth davies from “Citizens have been told a war with the West could be imminent and Kremlin officials have said underground shelters have been built to house 12million people.” Russian citizens are actually being told that a nuclear war might start and is the reason for a drill of this size.

How much of an effect did Putin really have on the election?

Donald Trump is running against Hillary clinton and the russian hackers as well targeted hillary clinton, leading people to believe these hackers affected the election enough for her to lose. According to Luke harding, and award winning foreign correspondent and has covered wars in iraq, Afghanistan and Libya stated.“ Russian hackers made repeated attempts before this year’s election to get into major US institutions, including the White House and the state department. The tactics were simple: send out volleys of phishing emails and hope that someone clicked. This shows that before clinton's campaign even became a target russian hacking has been an issue. In an article written by quora contributor, they state “What the CIA, and 17 other U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded, is that there were several violations of the computer systems used by the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign. These violations allowed the hackers to access private emails and internal campaign documents and memos. These were selectively leaked to Wikileaks, who then leaked them to the U.S. media.” Despite the violation committed by the democratic party and clinton campaign, this shows that russian hackers were specifically targeting Hillary clinton.

What level of destruction can nuclear weapons cause and what have countries done to make sure they are not being inappropriately used

In an event of Nuclear war, mass destruction is imminent even more now because in today's time nuclear warheads have majorly improved. According to the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, “The 12.5-kiloton bomb detonated in the air over Hiroshima created ground temperatures that reached about 7,000 degrees Celsius. Of the 76,000 buildings in the city, 92% were destroyed or damaged. There were more than 100,000 deaths and about 75,000 injuries among a population of about 250,000. Of the 298 physicians in the city, 270 were dead or injured and 1,564 of 1,780 nurses died or were injured.” This is an example of the damage these two bombs caused in japan, and if replicated in a global scale the tolls would be much greater. To insure that these weapon remain docile, countries have seen treaties to be the solution. According to Dr. Thomas B. Cochran who was a consultant to the Natural Resources Defense Council and was a senior scientist and held the Wade Greene Chair for Nuclear Policy at NRDC, and was director of its Nuclear Program until 2007, “In the decades since 1945, even as many countries have developed nuclear weapons of far greater strength than those used against the Japanese cities, concerns about the dreadful effects of such weapons have driven governments to negotiate arms control agreements such as the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty of 1963 and the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons of 1968.” This shows that there are rules in place that to an extent prevence a country to use nuclear weapons at free will.

What would have happened if Obama won the election for a third Term.

Putin has made decisions with hopes that relations with Donald Trump would be better, if Obama stayed as president things could gone very negatively. According to an article written by CNBC news, “President Vladimir Putin ruled out on Friday expelling anyone in retaliation for Washington's decision to throw out 35 Russian diplomats and impose sanctions on two of the country's intelligence agencies. In a move that overturns an earlier plan by Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov to expel 35 U.S. diplomatic staff from Moscow and close two facilities used by the U.S. embassy, the RIA news agency quoted Putin as saying he would consider the actions of President-elect Donald Trump, who takes office next month, when deciding on further steps in Russia-U.S. relations.” This shows that if Obama were to have won a third term Putin might have gone forth with the suggestion the russian prime minister gave him. According to an article written by Lizzie Dearden a senior reporter at independent stated, “During the election campaign, he vowed to “cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama” on his first day in office, without saying who would determine their constitutionality.” This quote being said by Donald Trump, is a good example of Putin resolving this problem with sanctions, and expulsion of russian diplomats with an optimistic response solely because Trump would be elected as president soon.


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