How fossil fuels are destroying our lives and the future...

Today, 80 percent of our world's energy comes from fossil fuels, bringing us convenience in all aspects of life. With this convenience comes a huge price humanity needs to pay. Fossil fuels to Earth are like junk food and cigarettes to the human body. They are cheap, toxic, and leave a terrible lasting legacy. If we keep sacrificing the quality of our environment for a cheaper and easily attainable resource, we would eventually see a sad demise in the human race, one that would kill off over 97% of all humans alive.

One dreadful impact fossil fuels has already had on our planet is the rising temperature of greenhouse effect. Since 1880, temperatures have risen 1.53 degrees. If the global average rises to 4 degrees, there would no longer be an arctic ice cap which would cause sea levels to rise by 200 ft or more. The entire mid-west of United States would turn into a desert and much of France, Germany, and Italy would endure severe dust storms. The Amazon rain forest, which supplies 25% of the world's oxygen, would be gone, accelerating the air crisis. The agriculture of the world's most powerful regions; North America, Europe, and East Asia would collapse, leading to a swarm of refugees fleeing to the northern countries. The world would be set back more tjhan

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