The Forest By logan

There are a lot of animals in the forest. They have many ways to survive. Like bushes and trees need adaptations to survive in the forest. Like trees and bushes need good soil and fresh water to survive.

Where and temperature Forest are located in United States, Canada, Europe, parts of Russia, China, and Japan. The forest gets really hot in the summer and gets really cold in the winter. That is really hot and really cold.

Adaptations. Forest animals need some special features to help them survive. For a example a wild boar uses its horns to defend its self. The raccoon uses its long claws to handle its food. Last, the gas hawk uses its powerful talons to cach its prey. With out these features in the forest the animals will not be able to survive in the forest.

There are a lot of types of leafs in the forest and leaves can be cool from time to time. The burning bush leaf looks like a bush burning. The ginkgo leaf looks like a yellow pedlle. All of these leafs come in all shapes and sizes.

Now you know what type of leafs there are and how animals survive in the forest. I hope I told you what you need to know about the forest.


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