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Students will google an write three sentences that discuss filters in access.

well using the filters on Accesss make things a lot better, not matter what in you try to make the project look better you can use the filters in Access panels, if only if you know how to use it.

Why is your personal history important? 3-4 complete sentences

I think is important cause it reminds you of your past, even tho this is the present maybe we should let the past go, but out history remind you what not to do the wrong thing again. that why personal history is important,

What is the purpose of a chart)

I think it keeps up with the data of the event, so they wont lose track of it, so they can make easy for them.

Students will write 3-4 sentences in Adobe Spark regarding adding pictures, text and tables to their Power point presentations

it easy to add pictures and all the other stuff, I think they make us do that to look the power point more awesome and nice. but yea I mostly like to design and adding pictures

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