The last half of March Change thE campus change The world

So I really didn't know that I had shared on a lot of March until I remembered that I had sent a video. I guess I'll be alternating between video and newsletter and you can tell me which you prefer. If I am to be honest though, I like both just because i get to play around with these apps.

So that is Tuesday, the only day we are at the office for the longest time. On this day I attempt to do some admin work and the likes but because I am not a liker of admin, we take pictures just to unwind. This was not planned it just'Me.🔥😊
We have started an every Wednesday prayer hour on campus,from 17:30-18:30, so we pray for the ministry and all things campus. This is one of the Wednesday's.

The thing with that is we have not had boys show up to prayer until last week,when we had the leaders meeting right after. So yes,we are still trusting for more guys to be reached and discipled..omg I'm very psyched to get to what happened this past Sunday..

So the two girls on the left and right are in my Discipleship group and on the 15th I told them to reach out by themselves,without me there-seeing as it was outreach week and last month we had done it together. Anyhow,the spoke to a few people and that was so awesome. The fact that they just stepped out.. major high5.
This little lady is part of youth but ever since last year we have been walked ing in a Discipleship I love this girl,such an academic,asking questions that make me grow in my investigation of God and all things that have to do wth life. I love her growth and her grasping concepts such as Holy Spirit baptism and water baptism. It's so cool seeing someone move from one point to the next, and the testimonies about her speaking to her classmates about right and wrong or God. Super cool.

We had a worship night - all nighter - with the campus guys . The aim was to teach on what and why worship,differences between prophetic Song and spontaneous worship , basically growth in the area of worshipping God through music. We even had practicals where the guys had to write songs and put to practice everything we got taught. Man it was amazing, I see a shift and I know that as a ministry,not only are we growing in number but in how we minister in that area. John 4:23,24..

I think we were about 15.
This is from the prophetic seminar we recently had. Man, this was a good weekend.the turn out was good and the responses toward all things prophetic..

.I'm quite excited not only about me being challenged but also for the growth that'll come with it and I'm so convinced that God is doing something in the church and I am super psyched that I get to be part of the various pieces or ministries and as you look at each you kinda get a glimpse into all of that stuff.

Our first baptisms for the year, excluding Morgan who got baptized at the leaders camp in January. Here we had 5 people get baptized in water and 1 in the Holy Spirit.. this happened at our pastor's place, the one being promoted everywhere, ps Chris.

Last but not least we had victory weekend. And we had 5 students attend., all female.. we are hopeful to see more guys come second semester but do keep us in your prayers please.

We had Hephzibah share on one of the topics and it was cool seeing her preach , when you have plans for people's lives in partnership with God.
Bye bye, from some of us in the worship ministry...

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