May/June Put a little spring in your step!

Game of Thrones" has it all wrong... summer is coming! Picnics, beach days, vacations, dining al fresco- it's almost time! In true New England style, spring will be short lived. Are you feeling ready for those Daisy Duke shorts or are you pulling out the Bermudas? We want you to feel ready for summer, and feel good about yourself in those summer clothes. How can we help?! With the sun up earlier and setting later, there's plenty of time to come to the BAC! Keep trying out those the ERGs and drop in anytime!(

(Photoshop skills curtsey of Joanna Jackson- thank you!)

boston athletic club News

  • Next round of ERGs start June 6- July 18th
  • My "Back to Basics" class will be moving to Wednesday's at 7p
  • I'm also teaching "Total Body Workout" Mon @6a & in June will start teaching "Shwinn Express" Tues @ 430!
  • Memorial Day hours: Sunday 7-2p; Monday 7a-1p. Check online for group ex. schedule
  • Pop up shop: Wed 6/15 with speciality yoga at 4pm- more info to come!
  • Be sure to explore our expanded strength room downstairs by racquetball! The upstairs fitness center is still equipt and more spacious!

When it's Nice Outside, but You're Stuck on the Inside

Do you primarily have a desk job? Do you drive to work or sit the T or bus? Add up the hours you spend sitting per day...then per week...and per month....what about the whole year? Add that up and take a look at the image below to see what sitting so much can do to your body. It's a little scary isn't it?! It's hard to make up for all that sitting just a few times a week at the gym, so all the more reason to include flexibility exercises into your workouts! That said, it's a good idea to do some of it while you're at work as well- check out my recommended office stretches below!

Doesn't this look uncomfortable for your body? That's because it is! Try to decrease your seated time during the day & get in your stretches at the office!
Stretching at the office can look perfectly natural!

From the top left to right Image 1- hamstring stretch- sitting at the end of your chair, bring the legs straight out in front with toes pulled back to you & hinge forward at the waist, push the hips back, while keeping the chest up, and reach to your toes. Image 2- isolated hamstring stretch- maintain your position from the first stretch, but focus on on leg at a time by bringing the legs apart, & reach the hands together to one ankle. Image 3- seated figure 4- sit nice and tall, cross one ankle over the opposite knee, and keep the chest up, while pushing the knee down to feel a stretch through the hip/glute. Image 4- seated groin stretch- set the feet further apart. Bring the hands together & elbows wide. Folding forward, bring your elbows to the inside of the knees, and push your knees out wider than the feet for a stretch through the hip flexors & groin. (Bottom left) Image 5- trunk rotation- from the previous position, keep one elbow pressed to the inside of the knee, look in the opposite direction, and bring the opposite arm up straight to he ceiling for and additional rotational stretch. Image 6- hip flexors- step on top of your desk chair with one foot. With the back leg extended from the hip & knee slightly bent, keep your chest up, and lean forward so the knee is over the ankle. Image 7- chest doorframe stretch- place one forearm to 90 degrees on a doorframe while keeping the chest up tall. Step forward with the opposite foot so the shoulder is pulled back. Add a slight hip rotation to the opposite direction to intensify that chest stretch into the front of the shoulder!

Summer Olympics... Family style

Just a little paint & you have Yard Twister

Memorial Day is next weekend- YES! The kick-off to summer is here! There's no better way to get your family and friends excited for summer (and working off that potato salad), than by keeping them active with some yard games! Maybe you don't have much on-hand, or you don't want to spend much, but that doesn't mean there's no fun to be had! If you have the space and the toys, consider making a Summer Olympics- volleyball, badmitton, whiffleball, 3-legged races, a wheelbarrow race, or a small obstacle course- be creative! You can even make some dollar store prizes! If u don't have much space, head to a local park for a game of kickball, or soccer- whatever activity can work for you, big or small, will be better than no activity at all! (Rhyme curtesy of yours truly, not Dr. Seuss!)

Recipes That May add more ants to your picnic, but noT more calories!

Time to get out the grill, or the grill pan!
And for dessert....

A belated mother's Day & Early Father's day from the BAC

And a special drink for all you moms & dads out there (or those of us that just like gin!) try making this: cucumber, lime, mint, gin & tonic!

Sure to be cool and refreshing and light for that liquid diet!

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