Japanese samurai By MiTch rajcic period 6

They learned how to handle a sword and how to shoot bows while galloping on a horse

Becoming a samurai requires tough training and skill

They had special armor so they can protect the self and the swords for murdering for war

Samurais protect them self with bow and arrows, spears, and swords when In war.

Their best werapon was the katana which was a sword which was 23 1/2 inches Long. It was very flexible so it wouldn't snap when hitting another person.


Japan became a military society because Yoritmoto set his own military government to his own city.

A shogun was a military government ran by Yoritmoto

A daimyo were shoguns ruled with warrior lords

A samurai means "Thoes who serve" And who fight and kill slaves.

Samurai armor, weapons and fighting

The samurai wore armor that protected them from their head to toe

They had heavy metal armor with metal leggings and sleeves

They also had iron masks to protect their faces form getting hit by anything during war

Samurais murais fought and trained with a sword head to head

Samurai training

To become a samurai you start at a young age, then you start training at 5-7 years old

After they train they become a samurai when they hit their teens.

Samurais had to physically train and physical practice for war, they also had to learn self control

They had to mentally over come emotion and of the fear of getting killed

What is Bushido?

Bushido is the way of the warrior and also the government of a samurais life.

Bushido code

What other values, ideas, costumes do samurai live by?

Samurai have to live by being honest grave and loyal to their lord.


Suppuku si a Japanese ritual suicide when they'd rather die loyal than die by enemies during war.


Amida Buddhism is beiliving that hey can reach paradise

They say Amarias name up to 70,000 times a day

Zen Buddhism is an other form of Buddhism

It's peaceful meditation


Woman became samurai and were treated like men

In the 12th century they had honor and respect

In the 17th century they were treated minor to their husbands

Woman samurai



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