What You Need in the Trenches By a. Chandler rupert

Entrenching tool

Of all the tools you will encounter, this will be the most vital. In order to survive, you must maintain a sturdy trench. You also may need to tunnel underground. This is the most ideal tool for digging in trench warfare.



The rifle is the tool you will encounter most in combat. It is a long range weapon that only fires one bullet before needing to be refilled. It is equipped with a bayonet.



An attachment at the end of a rifle. It is ideal for close range combat situations. Although it is not incredibly useful in the trenches it is simple.



Originally, the french did not have helmets. After realizing that helmets are the only adequate defense against shrapnel, they equipped all there soldiers with helmets. The Germans have the most advanced helmet.


Gas Mask

Gas is one of the most dangerous things you will encounter in the trenches. It is vital that you are prepared for poison gas at any time and you have your gas mask. The masks uses charcoal or antidote chemicals.


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Created By
A. Chandler Rupert


Created with images by BDIC-Nanterre - "« Die sieben Mächte des Dreiverbandes und die Zentralmächte ». In Karten and Skizzen zum Weltkrieg 1914/15. Teil I. Düsseldorf: Druck und Verlag von A. Bagel ; 1915. Coll. BDIC"

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