The impact of our collaboration

"Media Education: From Passive Consumers to Active Creators"

On students

Education has no borders!
Young people can show us the way to Unity and Tolerence!

Yes! Peer learning DOES work and CAN be fun

reeeeeeeal fun!!!!

creating strong bonds

looking at a common future

having multicultural education


and reasoning

looking for answers

sharing culture... anywhere, anyway

and playing of course!

Developing skills

and ... travelling

promoting creativity

self expressing in any way

and sharing moments together

great moments ... to remember for EVER!

What's more...

making new lifelong friendships

communicating in ... every way

online and ...

...even in the traditional way...

On teachers

Yes! Peer learning!!!

communicating in every possible way

online meeting and discussing
exchanging views and ...
... expanding knowledge
creating friendships and...
.... having fun

On the school community

Schools OPEN to host students, teachers, parents and exchange cultures

ON educators

Organising seminars for dissemination purposes
Organising workshops...
... and eTwinning Live seminars
What do the students really say about collaborating on our European project?

this is

just the beginning!


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