swan society

In the beginning He was alone............
..............and She was alone too.
Later on they became a couple...........

and here is the whole swan society on the beach during the winter

the young couple

the old couple

the teenager

the two lovers

the lider

the voracious one

the joga

the joga 2

the coquette

the prince

the gorgeous one

the lady-killer

the philosopher

the seeker

the different one

the vain one

the graceful

the sociable

the neglectful one

the shy one

the modest one

the fastidious

the swimmer

the old man

the evil-minded

the impudent

the flirting

the outsider

the insiders

the chaser

the judges

the guilty ones

the drinkers

the snoopy ones

the misguided

the whole society


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Jeni Vladeva

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