Anthony Spinnraker's EDIM 510 Portfolio

Web 2.0 Overview

I learned more than I could have ever imagined from the introduction to Web 2.0 videos and readings. I thoroughly enjoyed Kathy Schrock’s video. She has brought to light for me many tools that I have not heard of before. It was great to see how one could utilize them in the classroom. I love technology but I find it hard to know what is good or bad. At the same time, I begin to feel overwhelmed at the massive amounts of options in the app world. One could get lost at times. I particularly liked the idea of mind mapping tools such as Cacoo and Connected Mind. I have heard of PowTown and I know of a few teachers that use it regularly. That type of delivery seems to keep students’ attention when teaching. Schrock did an excellent job in organizing the delivery of her online tools. I hope to begin using a few of these tools as I begin to expand my repertoire of online tools for my history class. I feel bad that this school year is almost over but look forward to the future with using these new tools.

The articles in this unit were very interesting! My favorite has to be “Burp, Chatter, Tweet: New Sounds in the Classroom.” This article hit home for me. I teach ninth graders who for the first time in the district were given a Chromebook with them at all times. The students try to “multitask” when I instruct. They miss important information constantly and get upset when things are wrong. It is a constant battle of focus. When they get upset the words that come out of their mouths is disgusting. The article’s list of disrespectful and inappropriate classroom behavior is such a problem. I feel a little better though because now I know it is not just my students with these issues. I enjoyed the recommendations given to help curb some of the bad behaviors such as having the students get out of their seats once every ten minutes. I can see that using technology in the classroom can work well as long as the students are engaged in the lesson. Keep them engaged!


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Through college I was immersed in Bloom’s Taxonomy. As I began teaching I applied Bloom’s Taxonomy regularly. I feel that is a good pedagogical model to use but now after viewing Kathy Schrock’s video I can see how it is important to be open to more ways to reach the goals faced in education. She does an excellent job at incorporating Bloom’s Taxonomy and the SAMR model. My students with their Chromebooks have an opportunities to learn and use technology at the same time. I hope to be able to reach my students needs by using both models as Schrock has developed while incorporating new online tools appropriately.


Schrock, K. (2013). Bloom's and SAMR. Retrieved from:


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