Nature at the FLMNH Michelle steffes

This exhibit with the sharks and sea creatures was extremely appealing to me mainly because I have a strong connection with the sea and the sea animals because of my love for scuba diving. The enormous size of this animal caught my attention, and it made me ponder about the large sizes of animals that Earth carries. I learned how big creatures can be, but I understand that we all still live on the same planet and God placed us where he did for certain reasons. I enjoyed this museum because I got to see things that I have never seen before. For instance, the mouth of this massive shark.
This museum did provide me the experience to love respect and admire the nature of the world. In particular the moment I walked into the butterfly rainforest I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and clarity. As I saw others walking through the same exhibit I could sense the same feeling, calmness and fulfillment through nature. This experience made me realize that this earth was not created for us to destroy and conquer, but for us to enjoy and respect.
As I saw this large dinosaur it made me wonder about the world. This museum definitely evoked a sense of mystery in me and made me think of the majesty of the Universe. The museum helped me better understand how small I am compared to the universe, and that I am a part of something bigger than just myself. Experiencing nature and finding new things to be thankful for such as a simple yet complex dinosaur or a little butterfly help us understand who we are in this world and help us appreciate the great parts of this world. I believe that when somebody understands the concept of loving nature and the creatures of the world, they are opening themselves up to the ability of obtaining the "good life."

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