Huskies Delshay Medrano-Hunt

Huskies are cute and have black and white fur. Huskies are NOT wolves and are good for snow. They are part of the canine family and are fun to play with! They are funny when they play in the snow.

Huskies can run through the fields and can pull sleds in snowy days and are good for the snow. Huskies can swim in the water and jump on a rock. Huskies can walk on the cement and hide in the meadows.

They have sparkly blue eyes and big fluffy tails.Huskies have small wet and black noses.Their fur is soft and they have black and brown paws. Huskies have VERY sharp teeth.

Huskies are very good pets if you live near or by snow.

Did you know huskies like peanut butter?

Did you know that huskies usually eat meat?

the end!

Created By
Delshay Medrano-Hunt


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