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"Keep Calm and move to the Southern Colonies"

Reasons for Founding

1. To get a better community.

2. To get their kids a better education.

3. For religious freedom.

4. To get a better job and more Money.

The Southern colonies

The Southern colonies consist of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland.

This is Virginia

This is Georgia

This Is Maryland

This is North Carolina

This is South Carolina

These Are the Southern Colonies

Click on the link https://youtu.be/qR5M3Ilx5cU

Geography for Southern Colonies =

Virginia = Hilly, lots of forests South Carolina = hilly, lots of cliffs lots of fields. Georgia = forests, fishing, very rocky, and lots of fields.

North Carolina = Rocky Cliffs, lots of forests, great fishing. Maryland = whaling, cliffs, great fishing, and hilly.

Other Geography

There were lots of plantations there too. Such as Tobacco, Indigo, Cotton, and Rice industries.

Religions in the Southern Colonies

The religions in the southern colonies were Quaker, Lutheran, Baptists, and Anglican.

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