TotalBarber The original barber school

TotalBarber are the original and most passionate barber school in the U.K. Located in Shoreditch London. The heart of style and art in the U.K.

Join the barberlife with the original barber school
Teaching skin fades. Using a mix of Wahl clippers and foil razors. Our students learn all these vital barber skills.

We have been teaching generations of barbers for over 15 years. We are very proud of what we offer students. Relaxed, fun and dedicated to preparing you for the barber life. People from all walks of life have joined our academy. Students come from all over the world to get excellent training and experience true London barber life. We are a respected and well known academy with contacts in the barber industry. And maybe most importantly, we are barbers who know how to train new barbers.

Be a barber

Learn fades in detail

We offer various courses to help you become a quality barber. From absolute beginners through to master barbers, we have a course for you.

Stephen, the founder of TotalBarber has been a barber for over 30 years and his passion, knowledge and skills still drive the school and students. Fashions come and go but the true art of barbering is rooted in understanding what age old techniques to use for each cut. We teach all techniques and styles to enable you to create and deliver great cuts. You can leave TotalBarber with the ability to cut classics and fashion cuts to a good level and get work.
Stephen the founder of TotalBarber. Learn from the masterbarber. Ask him questions, his knowledge of barbering can help you become the barber you want to be.
First ever haircut! We are with you all the way.

Totalbarber Courses

Combined course


10 week course. £3950

Monday - Friday 11am - 5pm (Friday we close at 2pm)

Plus the new PABD course

This is the higher lever diploma that pushes you to be an even better barber. Learning tip and tricks of old school and ultra modern barbering. Designed by TotalBarber for the modern barber industry. We strongly believe that barbers need to know all these combined skills in order to be the best and create a future career and life that is fulfilling and rewarding.

Get even more from your barber course. Upgrade your barber skill level and obtain and added higher level diploma

We have introduced a new higher level barber diploma.

The Professional advanced barbering diploma

Offers students the opportunity to enhance their barber skills and obtain a higher level of diploma that will showcase their skills and help achieve a quality barbering future.

This diploma is based on modern barber requirements and old school techniques that are now back in focus. Skills such as foil fades, cut throat fades, scissor down and razor over comb. These skills stand out from the standard barbers and help bring the barber world into a more professional industry.

Barbering is now back to its glory days and the public perception of barbering is at an all time high. Our aim is to ensure students get quality training and the accompanying diplomas to show prospective employers and public how highly skilled you are.

Learn foil fades, Cutthroat fades, scissor down, detailed scissor and clipper over comb, advanced texturing and point work and many tips and tricks from old school barbering that will improve your skills and make you stand out.

Learn the fine detail of a foil fade.

8 week diploma. £2950

Monday - Thursday 11am start

A taste of Barbering

A taste of Barbering. £790

Theatre film TV industry course

Learn how to cut hair for media projects

Times to suit. Please call for details. 4 day course £750

We have taught students from the film, TV and styling industries.

We understand flexibility is vital for you. So if you need to go and do a job, that's fine. We will wait for you. We can even come to your set if help is needed. Call us to discuss your needs.

Shaving course

2 days shaving course.

Shaving course 2 days £430

We also offer special courses to suit you and your needs. Just give us a call to discuss how we can help you.

Our students come from all walks of life and from all around the world. They chose TotalBarber because they wanted a dedicated and established barber school.

Questions answered

Where are you based?

Our home is in Shoreditch, London. A very vibrant and exciting area of London, so many bars, restaurants and clubs to visit, so many art galleries and street art to inspire you and only minutes from Old St tube, Liverpool st station and Shoreditch High Street overground. One of the safest yet fun places in London and an atmosphere that inspires and encourages you to try new adventures! For those wishing to find accommodation in london we can help with suggestions. Just ask us.

What equipment do I need?

There is a basic kit you need to get ready for your first day. We recommend upgrading parts of your kit once you become proficient. A basic starter kit is available through capital hair supplies. The link is below. Totalbarber sell our own quality large 6.5 inch professionals barber scissors which can last a lifetime and are available at the academy. We do not recommend buying American half clipper guards. These are not allowed at totalbarber for reasons of teaching quality.

Why do you open from 11am

We open these times as it offers so many more models and types of people to practice on. We offer more training hours than other schools. So you become a better barber sooner.

It also saves money on train fares for the students as you avoid peak fare periods. We do understand that some people need to get home earlier and that's fine. We are here if you want us.

How many cuts will I get to do each day?

This depends on your speed and which point in the course you are on, but as we have such a large database of hair models and are very active on social media etc that you will get many each day. It's important to get the right models to learn from and all our tutors are there to ensure you are capable and will guide you through your cuts and shaves.

How many students to each group?

There are a maximum of 6 students to each course. This ensures more tutor support, more models and a more relaxed and happy atmosphere.

What shall I do to prepare for the course?

From experience we've found that students who watch YouTube videos on how to cut hair can get confused. We have a teaching method that is tried and tested. It's great to be keen but at first just come with a willingness to learn and once you have grasped the basics, then seek inspiration from different sources. We ask all students to collect images of haircuts and styles. This will become your style book. Important for helping clients discover new styles, it pushes you to be better and helps us gain an understanding of who you are and your personal tastes. We require this style book to be on paper not on phones as we will need to collect and keep for a few days towards the end of your course for assessment.

How do I register for a course?

If you like what we do and want to book a course, click below

More questions?

Just give us a call and we will do all we can to help.

Totalbarber offer so much more than the usual barber course, because we have the experience and passion for Barbering plus 15 years experience of teaching 100's of barbers. We are able to help you get work, find barbershops and gain more experience..


71 Leonard street, Shoreditch, London EC2A4QS

Tel 08000232964

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