Digital Imaging Portfolio by Julia Flores

For the sandwich project, we had to photoshop images of lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, mayonnaise, bread and a plate in order to make a BLT. Then, we had to photoshop it into a scene. I decided have Reuben, a sandwich eating alien from from Lilo and Stitch, eat my BLT.
For this exercise, we had to use a layer mask to photoshop an image of a crab. I put my crab on a surfboard to match the beach theme of the crab.
For the X-Men comic book cover, I used many layers of color to fill in the outline of the scene. I really enjoyed using all of the different colors, shades and gradients to complete the cover.

For these projects, I used pictures to create paintings. The paintings were very simple and natural.

For the courthouse, I photoshopped fireworks into the background and changed the lighting so that it looked natural. The main colors in the image are red, white and blue and as a result it feels very patriotic.

For the haunted house I edited fog, rain and clouds into the image. I was proud of the final result looked dark and creepy like real haunted houses.

For this image of the old man, we had to remove the lines on the picture and fix his right eye. This project seemed very similar to what a professional would do with photoshop, so I really enjoyed it.

For this picture, I removed the creases and yellow sports on the image. The purpose of the project was to make the photograph look new again.

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