“Living the Dream…..since I started my year off journey” by Daniel rodriguez

After 5 years of “living my dream”, it is time to share with you my Launch Pad friends, highlights of my journey which started when I won a “Jackpot Price”. The biggest price was enjoying my passions and life, which have impacted millions in the world.

Passions sparks enjoyment for life

I am passionate about the mountain biking discipline known as “Enduro”, which focuses on racing downhill on technical and twisty trails, on a full suspension bike.

What I love from Enduro is the adrenaline rush it creates while you go fast on trails! Taking immediate decisions on tackling the obstacles you find on the course, such as rocks, roots and switchbacks, is what triggers adrenaline. Also, the best of Enduro is meeting new people and friends, who share the same passion, and visiting amazing and breathtaking places!!

In the other hand, I love impacting people life’s by being visionary, a team player, and taking advantage of my passion for solving challenging logistics problems at international level.

In addition, I love learning about how supply networks are evolving, because of the internet era, social media and the power of smart phones in hands of buyers. I love to be part of the innovation that is taking place in many successful businesses, such as the “Amazons” e-business types.

Year 1

During my first 12 months of my journey I visited Rotorura, New Zealand; Aspen, Colorado; Whistler, Canada; Savoie, France and Finale Ligure in Italy. Why these places? Because each of these countries hosted one of the eight racing events of the Enduro World Series (EWS). In the EWS events not only professional riders participate, but also amateurs as myself. I met a lot of people who share the same passion for bikes, and made new friends, who invited me to ride their home town trails. In this journey I have felt “alive” and with a dream fulfilled.

In each country, I spent at least 3 weeks to immerse a little in their culture, and to practice their favorite outdoors activities. One of the best outcomes of these experiences was identifying potential opportunities for an e-business, focused on products for people who loves outdoors adventures.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been racing locally and internationally, twice a year!

I also improved my skills photographing and shooting action videos of my rides and races!

Also got my certification as Mountain Bike Coach and I am helped people sharing the same passion with Mountain Bikes to discover their potential and improve their performance and enjoyment for bikes!

Year 2 and 3

I went back to school to learn about the latest technology solutions and partnered with a big consulting firm. This experience exposed me to understand what the main challenges businesses are facing to plan and delivered their products in their target market and in less time. Thanks to my experience and recently acquired knowledge, I designed and implemented some solutions for Amazon and other businesses. All these solutions sense some signals which predicts demand of products and services, and drive actions to fulfill these faster than the competition!!!

I learned to speak French, and with it I was able to connect with more people and businesses!!!

I have supported governments of some countries to improve children’s health!

I am proud of creating a web/mobile based solution that is being used by many immunization programs in Latin America and other regions, to plan the demand and stocks of vaccines. Since the deployment, people responsible for vaccinations in many countries, are not worried much on tracking stocks and figuring out how much vaccine and when should they buy, as this solution monitors and suggests when should the orders being placed .

My greatest satisfactions is learning how millions of kids are being protected against diseases, because vaccines are available every time, thanks in part to my solution. I am so proud!!

Since, I’ve been writing articles about how technology and logistics solutions, I am delivering are impacting people’s life!!

Year 4

As part of this journey, I started up with my brother-in-law, a successful e-business in the outdoor industry. I love traveling around the world to show adventurers how my product facilitates their lives out in the woods!!! (Note: Not sure what product is so far, but I will figure it out!...maybe a solar power drone that spots water or food, out in the woods. Very helpful if you get lost!!).

Also this is my 3rd year attending the largest Outdoor Fair in Germany, where we found interesting products to add into our product

Year 5

Still living overseas, but visiting family in Costa Rica twice a year. I moved with my wife and kids from Washington DC to (Geneva, Seattle, Colorado, Vancouver, or any other city in Europe with great mountain biking).

We live in a cozy house next to a trail network, where I ride my bike every day before work. I am still doing consulting and focusing on growing the e-business of outdoor products.

Finally, I wrapped up this journey, which changed my life, as a speaker at a TED conference. My theme “If you don’t go, you’ll never know” has inspired thousands of people to follow their passion in life and live their dreams!! I still inspire thousands of young people who attend my conferences at TED and universities around the world.

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