The Safavid Empire By: lydia smith-taunton

In 1623 the Safavid recaptured Baghdad, After losing it to the ottoman empire. The Safavid captured lots of land but lost some to the Ottoman empire.

The Safavid empire ruled Persia. Persia is located in Iran. The Safavid army ruled most of Iran including Persia. The Safavid empire ruled all of Iran and most of Turkey.

A famous building the Safavid empire built was the Sheikh Lutf Allah mosque. A mosque is a place that muslims go to worship Allah who they believe is the one and only God.

The Safavid empire was made of Shia muslims. The main difference between the shia muslims and the sunni muslims is who they believe should be caliph.

Tamerlane was empire then died and left the empire to his sons who left it to their sons and as this continued the empire got weaker and weaker

The Safavid empire fought with the Ottoman empire over the fertile lands of Iran.

The Safavid empire was very isolated from any other empires the only empire the had contact with was the Ottoman empire during war.

The Empire's economic strength came from its location on the trade routes. The Safavid empire became very wealthy because of these trade routes.


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