Giving in Cavaillon Thank You for You Support

July has been an amazing month for the children and families in Cavaillon, thanks to your big hearts and blessings! For the past 20 days, from 9:00am to 2:00pm, 129 children attended a vacation Bible school and feeding ministry hosted by “Impact Community Cavaillon”, or IC, a Light for Living International Ministries (LIFLIM) entity. Every day, the children arrived, ready to learn and ready to eat. They were fed two meals daily by our amazing staff and three core teachers, Dani (Teen Class of Stars), Yndjy (Primary Class of Eagles) and Phalone (Kindergarten Class of Butterflies).

“We worked with the children on these points; spiritual, social, economic and sanitary/health,” expressed Dani, “That is what VBS is about.”
Yndjy and Dani serving a meal

Each morning, the students greeted their teachers with “Good Morning Madame, We love you!” For breakfast in the morning, each child received a sandwich or fruit, and a cup of juice. Other days, they received cereal, or Haitian corn with milk. After breakfast, the children learned their lessons each day and then had lunch after. Phalone enjoyed the party that came with lunch each day as it was a time to dance, sing, and bond with all of the children at one time. For lunch, we often served rice and beans with sauce, chicken, or spaghetti.

Some children have never attended school, so they were unable to write and to read. Regardless, they learned prominent Bible stories such as the stories of David and Goliath, Noah’s Ark, Queen Esther and Malachi and Daniel and the Lion’s Den.

“It was a pleasure to work such a wonderful group of deserving children. They worked hard and had fun. It was fun to work with them and to receive their energy each day,” says Phalone, “I feel joy to do this. I am able [to accept this calling].”

Not only did the young students learn Biblical stories, but they also learned several songs, how to do a number of arts and crafts, and common phrases in English. One of the group’s favorite songs is I’m Expecting Great Things. Dani stated, “I sacrificed myself… Your [God] fidelity lives.”

We selected colors for our graduation ceremony that was held on Sunday morning, after the last day of classes. The parents did an amazing job getting the proper outfits and coordinating each of the children. They looked so beautiful. The ceremony was a delightful selection of songs, dance, and dramatic interpretations that were prepared by each class. There were Bible stories and the commencement speech by Pastor Reginald Celestin.

Along with missionaries from “The Touch of The Healing Hands,” we provided a medical clinic for the children and families of Cavaillon. We distributed donated shoes and also 130 chickens, 36 goats, and bookbags with school and sanitary supplies for each child at the graduation ceremony. Each student also received a certificate of completion and class photo. The church was decorated by Madame Johanne Laine Celestin.

Collectively, the bags contained over 5,000 school supplies, including notebooks of different sizes, pencils, erasers, pens, crayons, rulers, and pencil sharpeners. The bags also contained items such as undergarments, socks, Kotex, deodorants, lotions, soaps, wash rags, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoos, etc. To be a part of this ceremony was a miracle for all who attended and participated. IC truly impacted this community in more ways than one.

“The point of IC is to impact communities. We impacted the lives of the children because each child wanted to start learning because the Bible says in Proverbs 22:6, ‘Start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old, they will not turn from it,’ exclaims Yndjy.

To end this celebration, rice and beans with chicken and sauce was served to the students and their families. Sodas and juices were passed out to everybody present. Music played, people danced and the Lord was pleased.

So thank you for your love, support, contributions, donations, help, prayers, and positivity. It has meant so much to us at Light for Living International Ministries, and to the deserving community of Cavaillon, Haiti.

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