STEINHAUS Rolled Baking Oven Belts Probably the best Z-Belt in the World!

Rolled baking oven belts are a special product when it comes to material quality, spiral structure, tolerances and applicational requirements, thus helping you to reach easy installation and maintenance with low costs as well as a long operational lifetime.

Apart from that it is the only Z-belt for which a special cleaning device, making brush systems more efficient, has been developed.

Our belt features

Equal number of meshes

Facilitates repairs with replacement pieces, belt shortenings & reconnections at any place along the the belt length

Regular mesh structure

Important for a good self tracking of the belt

Excellent mesh angularity

Important for belt tracking, repairs and shortenings

Low belt tensioning

The lower the tensioning the better for the belt lifetime & the less impact on oven construction and drive

Welded edges

So there is an equal belt thickness & less risk of damages by the discharging blades

Good straightness

With a straight belt there is less if no need for vertical guiding rollers, that can damage the belt edges

Narrow tolerances

this brings positive impact to the belt tracking

Big Belt widths

We are the only producer in the world able to produce up to 1900 mm width

Controlled belt thickness

Thorough flat rolling of the mesh, so that the surface is smooth and the belt shrinkage in width under tensioning is limited to ~1 % in the first 6 operation weeks

Very good self tracking

Without the use of oven’s tracking system the tracking is max. 1 % of the belt width

Your Advantages


Quick and easy installation, usually in one day, by experienced own personnel; not necessarily by special external service staff.

This reduces your installation expenses.


Usually ~2 belt shortenings within the first weeks of operation. Then the main part of the belt elongation is done. Just routine controls on tracking and mechanical damages.

Your costs for maintenance are reduced.


Low long idle time in production for installation, no idle time for re-tracking, repairs & belt shortages. Our belts can run 24/7 for years without interruption.

Your production output will increase.


Repairs are easy and can always be done with replacement segments at any place of the belt, even after several years of operation.

Your investment costs for the belt spread over more years


The open mesh structure allows cleaning by brushes, whose efficiency can be improved considerably by the use of our cleaning system CLEANBELT®, specifically designed for our Z-belts, idle time for belt cleaning are history then. Additionally the risk of dirt spots on your product is considerably lower.

No changing to a new belt because of dirt only.


We take care of the use of quality raw material wires with a smooth surface. This delays the sticking of baking dirt and remnants into the mesh, which is good for your product.

Additionally the homogeneous material used improves the life time expectancy for your belt.


We give a lifetime warranty indication of min. 5 years for our belts, whereas other suppliers recommend to change the belt every ~3 years. But often our belts are even used much longer. More than 10 years are no rarity.

Lifetime warranty indication of min. 5 years

Economic efficiency

Divide the cost of our belts by its years of operation and the lower maintenance costs and you will see your advantage.