Intermediate Digital Photography p2-09 Don't cry because it's over, sm;)e because it happened.

My photography is mostly about moments I want to be able to experience or look over again. I take pictures by finding a good angle, then getting a good focus. When editing, I don't try to distort the original to much that it will take out detail, but get points in the photo to be more clear for the viewers eyes as if they were there. I love photography because it is an escape for me from the outside world. I love to capture moments I don't want to forget.

Out away from society
Two men on a trip
Ending to a nice day

From this project I mostly got that the best memories and smiles are made while around people that can bring the best out of you. i mostly took photos when no one was around. While editing I mostly fixed the white balance with the sun, except on one exceptional photo, and added a little saturation to show the difference in colors of the sunset and water at Parker Lake.


I took these photos with a front facing flash and a back light. The only editing used was white balance to give the images the same white coloration. From this project I learned that when using a back light it gives the subject a halo effect.

4 Light Stages

With these picture I wanted to show different light manipulations. I used a normal room light for the first image, then in the second image I used a room light with an external camera flash. In the third image I used a black light along with an external camera flash and the third image uses just a black light. I edited out a few differences in the photos. From this project I got that different details pop more with certain lights.

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