how to prepare your wardrobe for the summer By Mia Daignault '20 and Abby Fleming '20

As sweaters are put away and boots are pushed to the back of closets, bathing suits and shorts are brought out, marking the start of summer fashion. 2019 brings new trends into the warm weather and resurrects 2018’s most successful styles. To prepare for the summer, we’ve previewed the trends we believe will take over.

Photo by Abby Fleming '20. A more simplistic graphic tee with red and blue stars, proving less is sometimes more with graphic tees.

Graphic tees have evolved into a widespread trend. They are a strong representation of character in an individual. They allow people to embrace themselves while staying cute and casual. Graphic tees are simple to match with any type of pants and are the best for summer.

Jay Singh, the writer of “4 Reasons Why Graphic Tees are So Popular!” From “Medium” publishing platform explains. “Youngsters, in particular, can be seen wearing these tees in colleges and during outings and casual meetings.”

Staples student Charlotte Tirola ’20 said, “Wearing graphic t-shirts allows you to be a part of that thing that’s letting everyone know you are apart of it, it’s about wearing something that you love and feeling like you are apart of something bigger.”

Photo by Mia Daignault '20. Brown and white scrunchie is from Forever21 and is new this season.

Scrunchies have successfully made their comeback from the 80s and now that they’ve established themselves, there are plenty of variations on the market. The benefits of scrunchies are clear; they don’t get caught in your hair and prevent unnecessary pulling, according to Refinery29. They’ve been fully embraced by the fashion world and now their long tails and bows allow people to express themselves. Long tail scrunchies are the 2019 version of this popular trend. Brands like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and more that are popular among teens have begun selling them. This trend allows for people to do their own take on scrunchies and allows for more individualism.

Photo by Abby Fleming '20. Jeans with a stripe are a print that can make a statement without being too flashy or overdoing it, they're a good staple for your wardrobe.

Pants with prints are another trend that seems to never get old. Brandy Melville is a common stop for teens in the summer to get fashionable designed pants. This style is continuing to fill the shelves of Westport teens. They are perfect for any occasion, for a night out to dinner or day at the beach. Students have already begun to wear these style pants as the weather has gotten warmer.

Student Jessica Plotkin ’20 said, “I think flowy pants are going to be popular because I think ripped jeans were last summer's trend. But recently, I’ve already seen many people wearing them.”

Photo by Mia Daignault '20. Jean jackets are perfect with long sleeves like this, or with t-shirts during hot days.

Another trend extending from the fall is jean jackets. They don’t go out of style. In the colder months people wear them over sweatshirts, but in the summer they are perfect to throw over a t-shirt or tank top, Live About offers other ways to style them.

“I think jeans jackets are going to be a trend,” Sophie Frankel ’20 said.

Although it may be hot outside, summer nights can get cold and restaurants tend to blast the air conditioning, so these are the perfect jacket to take with you on a night out.

Luckily, trends for this summer aren’t completely new and won’t require you to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Adding details to your outfits or wearing old pieces in new ways is both a money saver and a way to show off individualism.

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