"Take on the night"™ Talon Helicopters

Lightning storms typically develop in the early evening and into darkness. A strike that begins as a single tree ignition during this time must be left until daylight hours to begin fire suppression activities.

until now

40 Years Of Proven Technology - Harris White Phosphor Night Vision Goggles (NVG)

Transport Canada/FAA Approved Night Vision Cockpit/Cabin

Harris white phosphorus goggles
Clear black and white vision
Airbus AS365N2 Dauphin Helicopter

Talon Helicopters is the first in Canada with a Transport Canada Approved NVG Night Fire Attack Medium Helicopter

Approved for Night Hover Exit, Medevac, SAR and Passenger Transport

Outfitted With a Simplex Model 301 Belly Tank. 901 liters of water and 83 liters of foam. Approved for Day & Night Fire Attack

Approved for Hover Fill and Ground Fill Day/Night Operations

30% faster than other belly tank equipped mediums with a vne of 140 knots

AS365N2 Dauphin Night Fire Attack


175 Knot VNE and 145 Knot Cruise Speed

Airbus AS365N2 Dauphin Medium Helicopter

Powered by 2 Ariel 1C2 engines, total fuel burn of 360 liters/hour. 3.2 hours endurance

Gross weight of 9,370 lbs. Empty weight of 5,500 lbs. with a useful load of 3,870 lbs

Twin engine Transport Category A helicopter capable of landing on H1 Hospital Helipads. Cabin equipped with long large flat 96” floor with passenger seats removed. Baggage compartment capacity of 440 lbs

2 x 90 degree large passenger doors plus 2 x enlarged sliding doors in the rear cabin

Numerous STC’d avionics upgrades including a Garmin GTN-750, Helicopter Terrain Awareness System (HTAWS), Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS I), Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B). Digital FM and Low Band radio

3-Axis Autopilot


Pavement Not Required

Multi Mission

Day/Night Fire Attack With belly Tank

Water Bucketing

2 x 350 Gallon Fast Buckets for daytime wildfire action

One or two patient EMS Kit with optional clear, sealed barrier located behind pilot for patient containment & aircrew separation

Multi Casualty incident (MCI) high density stretcher kit - 4 patient litters plus paramedic seat

Day/night hoist capabilities

  • 600lbs load limit
  • 300 ft. cable length
  • Access to 8 crew seats in hoist configuration
  • Rapid insertion/extraction
  • Transport Canada Approved Crew harnesses, Evacuation harnesses & Stretcher kit.

3,500 lb Cargo Hook

9 passengers

4 rappel hard points

Night Sun

"Take On The Night"