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I think war is when two parties disagree and act upon it physically. Subjects are asked to pick a side to fight for, unless they remain neutral. War can result in a long treacherous fight, a fast quarrel, or a lot of sorrowful casualties.

In World War ll people probably felt fretful, tired, and depressed. They were most likely worried about what the outcome of the war would be and the price. They weren't necessarily worried about the finances, but how many lives it would cost.


In my mind neighbors are like friends. You can rely on them for small and big things. Some neighbors are like friends and others are like family. Sometimes you can have kind and trustworthy neighbors, other times you can have mean and disloyal ones.

If there was a war going on and my neighborhood was affected I would try to help my neighbor with their physical, financial, mental, and lack of supplies.

Number the Stars

I think the book is going to be about a neighborhood that has to fight in a war. Also based on our amazing race I think the book will be about how Jews were taken.

Literary Analysis

I think Mama meant that she doesn't want any of the soldiers to remember her daughters in a bad way or in any way. She probably wants her children to blend in so that if they join the war and fight against Germany the soldiers will not hurt them.

When Mama says "Be one of many." I think she means to blend in with the crowd. She also means to not mess with them. She wants her children to be like everybody else and not stick out to the German soldiers.

" 'Well, " Annemarie said slowly. "now I think that all of Denmark must be bodyguard for the Jews as well." (page 25)

It would mean that they would make sacrifices for them. People could loose their jobs and possibly their lives to protect the Jews. It could also lead to Denmark going into war.

At the end of chapter three Annemarie felt a little confused and tentative. She thought about the time when her father promised to be a bodyguard for the king and for the Jews. How being only seven years, she promised to do the same. Although now that she's grown up she's not really sure if she would lie or risk her life for Ellen and her family.

Her feelings changed from chapter three to chapter five because at the end of chapter three she wasn't sure if she would lie to protect Ellen and her family. That is until chapter five, when she knew she would risk her life to protect Ellen. This happened when soldiers came to Annemarie's house to find Ellen's family. Annemarie ripped Ellen's neckless off when the soldiers came which saved Ellen from being taken away.

The imprint of the star of David on Annemarie could be symbolic because it could remind her of what she was thinking about that night. About how she would die for the Jews, to protect them. It could have been a mark to show that she is connected to Ellen. To protect Ellen she clenched the star neckless belonging to Ellen in her hand and the guard could have noticed and taken Annemarie away thinking she was a Jew. Lucki


We just read that a Jewish women's button and thread shop was closed just because of the family's religion. We learned this when a button on Kirsty's jacket broke off and she and Annemarie went to the store after school, only to find it closed.

Therefore I predict that since the Johansen family is very close to a Jewish family they will protect them. I predict that they will have to make some important decision that will lead to an important part of the book.

We just read about Annemarie, Ellen, Kirstie, and Mrs. Johansen staying at Uncle Henrik's house. There was a

We just read about Mrs. Johansen returning from her trip with a broken ankle. After Annemarie helped her mother hobble back to the house, she noticed a small package in the grass. When she showed her mother, Mrs. Johansen began to panic because the package was extremely important to the Rosens. Peter had given the package to Mr. Rosen the night they left, but he must have dropped it on the way out the door. Mrs.Johansen told Annemarie to pack a picnic basket with foods and to put the packet underneath a napkin at the bottom. Annemarie did as she was told and left in a hurry for Uncle Henrik’s Boat. As she traveled through the dimly lit forest she noticed a shuffle and a growl in the bushes ahead. As she tentatively moved forward soldiers and large dogs emerged out of the shadows.


man vs. man

There was an example of man vs. man in Number the Stars when Annemarie was stopped by guards in the woods. Annemarie was on her way to deliver a basket with lunch and an important packet to Uncle Henrik, when four armed guards stopped her in the forest.

Annemarie learned that it's smart to think before you speak. She learned this from the conflict because when she saw the guards coming, she analyzed the situation and thought about what to do. If she did not think about what to do before the guard asked her a question, then she could have gotten in trouble and cracked under the pressure.

This is an example of man vs. man because Annemarie was alone in the woods when four soldiers stopped her. I would have categorize this as man vs. society if all the men had spoke and interact with Annemarie,

man vs. society

There was an example of man vs. society in the book when guards came into the Johansen's house in the middle of the night. This is man vs. society because there were three guards who were both interacting and arguing with Mr. Johansen.

Mr. Johansen learned to always be prepared. He learned this because it was the pictures of his children as a baby that saved Ellen's life. It was not really Ellen as a baby, but it was his third child Lise. In spite of that, Mr. Johansen is a very good liar because he was prepared for whatever could happen.

I know that the guards coming into the Johansen's house in the middle of the night was man vs. society because it was Mr. Johansen arguing with three soldiers. If it was just one soldier speaking and interacting then I would have said it was man vs. man, but all three of them were speaking, asking questions, and giving commands to the Johansens.

man vs. self

There was an example of man vs. self in Number the Stars when Annemarie wasn't sure if she would risk her life to protect Ellen. When Annemarie was lying in bed she thought about how her parents had said that they would risk their lives to protect Denmark and all of it's people. Annemarie remembered that she had said that she would, but now knowing what that would truly mean, she is not so sure.

Annemarie was affected by this because it made her really think about what she would do if Ellen's life was in danger and it was up to her to save her. At that time she wasn't really sure if she would die to protect Ellen. Later that night she decided she would, and Annemarie saved Ellen's life.

I knew that Annemarie arguing with herself was man vs. self because she was making a decision, but it was just her arguing with herself and not another person.

Man vs. nature

The was an example of man vs. nature in Number the Stars when Mrs. Johansen broke her ankle on a root from a tree. Mrs. Johansen was running down a path in the forest in the middle of the night and broke her ankle from tripping on the large tree's roots.

Mrs. Johansen learned from this conflict because afterwards she knew to be more careful when your running in the forest. Mrs. Johansen learned this because she was not being careful before and she won't make the same mistake again.

I knew that Mrs. Johansen tripping on the roots of a tree was man vs. nature because Mrs. Johansen was hurt because of a tree, and trees and their roots are a part of nature.


friends will always have your back

To me this theme means that no matter what happens your friends will always help you. Even if it's risking their life, they will still help you. They would swim across a freezing lake, run through snow, and take a bullet for you. You can depend on friends to help you in time of need. They always do the best they can to give you what you want.

The book shows this theme because the Johansens and the Rosens are very good friends, and they are always helping each other throughout the book. The Rosens would offer food for the Johansens, and the Johansens were constantly having Ellen over. They treated each other like family and were always kind towards one and another.

Friends will always have your back

An example of this theme at the beginning of this book was when the Annemarie ripped Ellen's necklace from her neck and squeezed it tightly in her hand. This saved Ellen's life because if the guards saw Ellen wearing the necklace, then she could have been killed. This was also very dangerous for Annemarie because if the guard saw the necklace in her hand, then she could have also been killed.

An example of this theme at the end of the book was when Annemarie ran through the wood to deliver a package for Uncle Henrik. They are not only family, but they are also friends. Annemarie could have died from acting wrong in front of guards that stopped her on the way, and the passengers on Uncle Henrik's boat could have died without the package. This was a big risk, but Annemarie didn't even think about the dangers because she just wanted to save her friends and family.

Vocabulary words

LANKY & stocky

" She was a stocky ten-year, unlike lanky Annemarie. (page 1)

Based on this sentence, lanky ans stocky have opposite meanings. I also know they are body types because of the description race.

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means a big and thick build.

Sufix: -y relating to or filled with; other words: messy, cheesy, lucky.


"News of sabotage against the Nazis, bombs hidden and exploded in the factories that produced war materials, and industrial railroad lines damaged so that the goods couldn't be transported." (page 8)

Based on this sentence, sabotage means to damage something on purpose.


" 'Wait for me!' wailed little Kristy, left behind, but the two older girls weren't listening." (page 2)

Based on this sentence, wailed means to yell out.


"Stand still, Kirsty, Annemarie ordered silently, praying that the obstinate five year old would receive the message." (page 4)

Based of of this sentence, obstinate means to be stubborn.


"Ellen and Annemarie both smiled tentatively. " pg. 50

Based off of this sentence tentatively means to

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