Vacation across the Coast of America by raina ,alyssa ,and jayce

Our group is going to Washington Dc, Philadelphia, and New York City. We are going to the sights to learn about historic places like :

The American History Museum

U.S Capitol

The Penitentiary of Philadelphia

Fort Mifflin

Last But Not Least, The Statue of Liberty/ EllisIsland Tour

Our first stop is Washington Dc. Here we will be going to the American History Museum. At the American History Museum we will learn about the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln’s life, other American Presidents, and early inventions. At the capitol they make the laws. Here we will learn about the Legislative branch.

The next stop is Philadelphia. In Philadelphia we will be going to the Penitentiary where Al Capone's cell is located. Al Capone was a notorious gangster in the U.S who didn't pay his taxes and went to jail for it. Afterwards we will go to Fort Mifflin . Fort Mifflin is where they housed prisoners during the American Revolutionary war.

The final stop will be New York City. In New York City we will go to the Statue of Liberty. We will also tour Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty was a gift to represent the U.S. Without the pedestal to hold her up the Statue is 15 ft tall. It was taken apart and shipped across the Atlantic Ocean In crates and rebuilt in the U.S. It was a symbol of freedom for America.Ellis Island is located in the upper New York Bay. Ellis Island was a gateway for over 12 million immigrants. They came for freedom in America.

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