Child Labor By leanna l.

What is child labor?

Child labor means to employ children to work, which is often considered inhumane. It can be done willingly by a child trying to make money for their family or to pay their debts, even if they earn just a few cents.


Child labor has been around for many years and continues in some places around the world today. This began in the late 1700's and early 1800's, with children working hours a day only to get a small amount of money as a payment.

Working Conditions

Some jobs require the worker to do things that can harm them in some way or even kill them. To get into small areas like the inside of a chimney, for example, children would be hired to do the job. It can be misunderstood as just a normal job since they are just cleaning it, but the employers would think that the children would not do their work so even if it was not on purpose, there was always a possibility of the children being put in danger.There were many children that had been working before the age of seven and wanted to have naps in the middle of whatever task they had, or at least that is what their employers thought, which would cause conflict between the worker and their boss. This was because of the knowledge the adults had of children and how they would behave.The children would do farm work, tend machines, and haul large heavy objects as some jobs; meaning that the children who may not have been very strong, more than likely had to work extremely hard to get their job done. Their hard work and the sacrifice of their childhood was in vain, in the end, for those who were not able to survive in the harsh environment, since some work places cared only for money and did not consider the stability of the place they were working in.

There were also some cases where the environment the workers were put in made them sick, so for the already weak children, this was very difficult. The hard workers as well would put their lives on the line to help their families and continued working like this. The bosses would not help in any way and some were cowards who ran when they saw this, leaving the children to suffer.


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