Christianity & The Roman Empire Unit Preview By Keegan B.

What you'll be doing!

In this unit, you will learn about the rise of Christianity, the persecution of the Christians ordered by the Roman emperors, and about Constantine's conversion to Christianity, triggering the slow but steady rise of the Christians. You will be annotating documents, answering questions, and maybe even making Adobe Spark pages like this one at the end of the unit.

How long will it take?

The unit will take around 3 weeks and a lot of the work you'll have to complete at home as they are assignments that usually longer than the class period from what I've seen.

Will you be stressed?

Not too much, but still make sure to work hard and complete all your work as you only have one day to complete for most of the assignments. When you come to Document B, don't feel bad about not finding a lot to annotate, I don't think too many people could find a lot to annotate.

Anything else religious?

Before doing Christianity and The Roman Empire you will do some religion stuff that will take a while but I don't have much to say about that.


You will be having an about 3 week unit covering Christianity & The Roman Empire, more specifically, the persecution of the Christians ordered by the Roman Empire. You will be doing in-class work that will be homework if it is not completed in class. You will be annotating documents and answering various questions based on those documents. Before this unit you will be talking about many ancient religions. It will not be stressful but you should still work really hard!


I hope you find this unit as interesting as I did!


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