Flicker & Rain 2004 - "Academy Year I"



My brother in fire comes to Tahingaard, accompanied by a pair of other avatars. Such was one of the most transformative experiences of my Life, teaching me the lesson of accountability and right-action. Specifically, the right use of sexual energy.

The Circle travels southwards to honour their arrival, to a wayshrine of sacred hot springs. Here, we get to witness their energies in crests and swirls of dancing fire. To me, it is a beautiful thing, to see them come together in the bright. Little did I know such would be the vessel for the redemption of my portion of the distortion of the right use of sexual energy.

This event, at the end of 2004, will mark the beginning of my deep dive to clear that imprint from the Self. To come back to the proper, abundant relationship with Love.

As with all aspects of the Quest, things look different once we pass through the thresholds of Time. We gain perspective, wrought by distance. Actualized by the acceptance and forgiveness that everyone did what they could, as best they could, with the awareness they had at any given moment. As we clear the judgments and shallow vantage from our lens, we come to see the deeper Truth – that we are clearing the patterns of something much larger than our Selves.

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