Good Life Nature Activity By ludovico boscaino

Nature on Display- One of the exhibits that caught my attention was a room filled with trees, boulders, and sounds of its environment. The whole atmosphere made me feel like i was actually there. The exhibit captured my attention with the detail and how real it felt. It thought me to stop and appreciate the things and nature we have around us.
Nature of Ethics- I definitely believe my experience at the museum was exactly what Leopold said. walking into the museum i felt surrounded by Art, most of the exhibits felt real and brought you in that view. People seemed very interested and amused by all the art, the staff was very generous and very helpful. my experience of the museum related very much so with Leopold's imagines, seeing all the exhibits made me admire and respect them more.
Nature and Human Spirit- The Nature history museum helped me step out of my ordinary life by being surrounded by nature and seeing the beautiful things in this life. seeing the exhibits and experiencing them in real life helped me truly see the beauty in nature. This museum has helped me discover new things about our surroundings and also helped me understand it more.
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Ludovico Boscaino

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