Trump´s Travel Ban Yea or nay?

Donald Trump was recently elected President, and he has already made a number of presidential decisions, his most renowned executive decision was his travel ban on a number of Muslim countries. There are currently 7 countries that have been put on Trump’s list, including; Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This is one of Trump’s most debated and disapproved orders he has made in the short time he has been in office.

Though the travel ban is an executive order, which means it is only in place for 90 days, and unless congress concurs with the travel ban, will be cancelled.

Because of this ban, Trump has gained worldwide protests around the world these protests are mostly peaceful with protesters staying outside airports where the immigrants are being held.

Though many people are talking about Trump’s order, there was a very similar law passed by barack obama, in which Obama placed countries on a watch list, and restricted the visas they could obtain. Of the countries that Trump has banned, all were on Obama’s watch list, but not all on the watch list have a travel ban...

Trump has had his travel ban blocked by multiple judges, but was eventually put in place. Once the ban was put in place, there were many protests by citizens, who believed the travel ban was unconstitutional, inhumane and cruel. The travel ban didn’t just ban people who were refugee’s though.

Trump’s travel ban has kept legal immigrants illegally kept against their will because they were coming from one of the banned countries. These immigrants were forced to stay at airports where they could be kept for hours, days, or even weeks as extensive background checks are carried out.

Some call this travel ban a muslim ban, because the countries that have been banned have a majority of muslim culture. These background checks are highly intrusive and cause a breach of privacy that some believe are taken too far.

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