Note Taking By Jonathan cLARK

My first tip,make sure you pay attention.

Some ways that will help you pay attention are sitting up front and putting away distractions like smartphones. In class, your teacher will say stuff that will be important so you can’t miss it. Students should write down important things that the teacher is saying.

My second tip,take notes down on your laptop.

According to, you can type faster than you can write. And I agree, most people nowadays type stuff more then writing stuff, and if you can find a note taking app, use it! A great example of one is Evernote.

On to my 3rd tip, if you don’t have a laptop take notes by hand.

The people at have conducted a research about how many kids prefer handwriting than laptop note taking and a lot of them prefer note taking by hand because it seemed better to them. According to,”92% of students prefer pen and paper note taking then laptop taking.” If you take notes by hand you’ll remember more.

Now for my final tip, if you need help taking notes ask a friend.

If you forgot to pay attention in class you can ask a friend what the teacher went over and you can take notes on it. It’s always important to have another person help you with notes.

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