My Country Celebration

To culminate the unit on My Country, grade 3 celebrated and performed different skits and songs in front of an audience of parents. Their performance celebrated the history, people and culture of Pakistan. Parents thoroughly enjoyed the concert and presentation of the brightly dressed children.

Drama Celebration

As part of their Script Writing unit, Grade 5 students performed different plays written by students of the class. Some of the plays focused on the Mughal Era where children were adorned in luxurious looking costumes that hinted at the interest taken in art and poetry by the Mughal Dynasty.

Field Trips

City Tour

Grade 3 students took a tour of Karachi city, concluding their unit on My Country. The students visited Jahangir Kothari Parade, Mohatta Palace and Mazar e Quaid. Children were explained the historical background of Kothari Parade and Mohatta Palace. They witnessed the changing of the guards ceremony at the mausoleum and visited the museum in its basement.

Trip to Zamzama Park

Students of grade 2 B visited Zamzama Park as part of their Plants unit. There they met the Head gardener and learnt about the varieties and functions of different parts of plants. The gardener also explained the concept of adaptation and life span of plants. Children were fascinated by a 100 year tree in the park that had adapted to its surrounding environment.

Sea World Show

Students of grades 1A and 1C visited the Sea World show and enjoyed watching a talented Beluga whale painting, playful dophins and exciting tricks performed by a pair of sea lions.


Grade 1B visited Flemish, a restaurant in Clifton, as part of their Food & Restaurants unit. The directors at Flemish guided them through the processes they follow in their professional kitchen. The staff was extremely accommodating and allowed the children to bake pizzas in their massive brick oven and treated the children to yummy brownies.

Post Office

Grade 2A students visited the DHA Post Office as part of their Community Services unit. Students had prepared questions for the Post Master who explained the entire processed followed at the post office. Students were excited about posting letters that they had written themselves.

Historical Landmarks

History Come Alive - Senior School After-School Club went to Jahangir Kothari Parade, Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s Mazar and National Museum of Pakistan and learned of our city’s rich culture, note-worthy architecture and historical background.

The Street School

A group of enthusiastic, Senior School students visited "The Street School" and had an interactive session with the children who were hungry for knowledge and kind words. The students were taught basic phonics and words attached to these sounds and letters. An interactive session took place where the cardinal importance of words such as "please" "thank you" and "sorry" was explained. The teachers and students of Haque Academy were overflowing with praise for these children and vice versa.


Urdu Debate Grades 5 vs. 6 and Grades 7 vs. 8

Haque Academy’s first Urdu Debate was between Grades 5 and 6 on the topic “Zabaan kay Chatkharay aur Hamari Sehat.” Grade 5 students argued that mouth-watering food items from vendors and restaurant were worth devouring while Grade 6 students focused on health benefits of eating home-made food. Moreover, Grades 7 & 8 debated on “Pakistan ka Maqsad kya” with each grade arguing on the pros and cons of the creation of our country.

Bake sale for charity

Grade 9 to 11 students of Haque Academy have created their own version of Shark Tank at Haque Academy. Groups of students selected a product which they had to pitch to "sharks." Each group used different means to attract people to their stalls to inform them of their products.

Workshop on Healthy Eating

A workshop titled “Food for Thought” was conducted by Ms. Nazish Chagla for parents of grades KG1, KG2 and grade1. Ms. Chagla has 5 years' experience in health foods and as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, she told parents how eating well can change their and their children's lives.

A session with Anwar Maqsood

Anwar Maqsood visited our school last week to share with our students his experience as a writer and inspire our kids with his commendable achievements. He kept the audience spellbound by sharing some of his stirring experiences. The esteemed guest is quite versatile in terms of being able to engage all age groups with his sense of humor, while sharing events and experiences from his life that are both enlightening and inspiring.

Visit by Tofiq Pasha

Students of Grade 2C welcomed Mr Tofiq Pasha into their classroom to speak about insects. Mr Pasha is commonly recognized for his television shows Bagh Baani, Kitchen Garden and Go Camping with Pasha. He explained the role of insects in the food chain and how they help in the pollination process. He also encouraged children not to kill insects because they are a crucial component of our ecosystem.

KG1D Grand Parents’ Day

Grand Parents of KG 1D students visited our school on Grand Parents’ Day. The grandparents enjoyed spending time reading to their grandchildren to help inculcate a love for reading in our young ones.

3 Bahadur Outreach Program

A team from Sharmin Obaid Chinoy Films (SOCF) conducted an outreach program for students of Grades 6, 7 & 8 to galvanize and inspire children to follow their dreams and take pride in their local heroes. The children enjoyed screenings of the trailer, songs, exclusive clips and exciting giveaways of 3 Bahadur Part 2.

Sports Update

Our Grade 5 Boys team played in the KARACHI UNITED'S OPEN YOUTH UNDER-11 FUTSAL TOURNAMENT in which football teams from various clubs and schools participated. Our Boys played amazingly well and aced the tournament by securing the 1ST POSITION. BEST PLAYER of the Tournament award was given to Ramiq Adnan.

Our U-10 and U-13 girls and boys teams participated in The Learning Tree Football Tournaments. Both U-10 girls and boys teams secured 2nd positions out of 5 participating teams in their respective tournaments whereas the U-13 girls bagged the 3rd position trophy out of the 6 participating teams. SPECIAL AWARDS were given to our grade 4 student Muhammad Mustafa Khan for the Best Goal Keeper while FAIR PLAY trophy was awarded to our U-13 girls football team and Alisha Sajjad of grade 7 was awarded best goal keeper in U-13 category.

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