Why I would never work for Google Or any other silicon valley hub

By: Moustafa Khater

First: Who gives a shit.

Second: If you read that far you probably have your own reasons to never work for google yourself. You are either too cool for that, they are too empty for your taste or just too old, too arrogant, too humble, too .... just simply hmmm .... too human maybe.

Or you could also be a good morning coffee social blog fashionista and waiting to nail me at the next corner with a trolling comment that smashes my opinionation. Thanks, do it! I always welcome a day starting with a clash .... just please think of some good defenses from google and last year....

The problem i see is best beginnings at Silicon Valley amongst the unicorns are mostly derivatives of characteristics of their founders. You buy a piece of the soul of the 'once founders' or buy-into their product or service whether it is for a charge or not. Once it becomes a money game all authenticity in how a company is run vanishes, all rebellion and hope for freer and more liberating products diminishes. The problem sits in the board.

Why am i saying all this crap?

Partially because of this guy. Because I think Google is becoming a joke!! I would have expected more revolutionary intros since their fast search and google map of things. Today everybody is catching up with the IoT as if the world for some reason needed a reminder: 'Catchup with what happened. The future can wait a bit while we buy all new entrants'. So 'Keep calm and stay on big brother www'. All the media-tech-gadgeteerfreak mambo jumbo in the past few years has been extremely frustrating, no flow, no art, no love in it. And most of all, the least inspiration in years...

I felt like i am a nostalgic romantic first when i started thinking why, but then i figured out this company is led by the crappiest unknown uncelebrated people possible i felt this is not where i want to be. And i just hate mediocrity. Google is expected to deliver more shocks and less goggles.

This is not what Google has been created to become.. And thinking of framing tech by engineering type leadership is the bigger joke. Yes there will always be great engineers, builders, problem solvers, but this is a company that stopped dreaming and almost fell out of design. It's like we need less dictators in politics and more really crazy troublemakers in tech. They do not seem to have learned much from Yahoo and still struggling with finding their identity.

So far in their past few years i see them shaped by absolute randomness and ruled by Chaos, absolutely zero art and human understanding; and completely got it extra-wrong with millenials almost becoming a tasteless hub compared to the smallest of urban startups in a third world country when they have once been the reason for their existence.

Now excuse my crappy english sentence formulation but it is my third language so give me whichever accent that inspires your forgiveness and read the coming sentence very fast: The way google is led will result in their by-now fully streamlined multinational compliance dog shaped company of ridiculously hardwired financial dependency ... taking an unrealistic shape of fake robustness for the coming decade before realizing that google is already gone and cannot sustain its own previous humanity adding value in its current existential shape nor form.

The next gen revolutions i expect will not be new Arab springs. People lost hope in politics after Trump. It will be corporate overthrowing of management through youth groups who are able to steer the social digital scene way better than their formal mediocre so-called leaders.

Unfortunately Google is just another Microsoft and both are history. You can squeeze android left right and center but if you do not have your boots straight like an arrow heading with sharp focus .... any engineering type leadership is just a waste of already overdue time for lack of true leadership at google.

This is also a warning signal for Uber who are much faster steering with magnitude into the same direction. Obsessing about competition in all shapes and forms. Burning money in an utmost disgusting way. Pure filth of banknotes. Too big to succeed any longer at capturing hearts. There is no jam there any more. The ones that seem to still have hope are amazon. With a huge bumpy road though.

Too early to cast Tesla into this pot, but i think 2017 will witness an exiting time for some significant change on the corporate culture and leadership levels yet to be witnessed. And for god's sake lets not even talking about apple. They are cute enough now to be linked to an expensive ikea hangar and for sure i would never work for the government. So no Facebook! I will never work for you too!

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